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"I'm a simple man.

*lifts something into truck*

I work hard. I play hard. And when it comes to anime...

*dusts hands*

I prefer subs to dubs."

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RedCrossRobbery Jan 27, 2012

Rauxs a good guy, and I'd be happy to toss out recommendations.First, and formost, I will always say just check my Reviews or Watched Anime list to see which ones are at the top of my list. As far as specifics, I will recommend a few. Last Exile is my all time favorite anime. It has everythign a serues needs, romance, action, drama, thrill, gialogue, character developement, unique storytelling, beautiful art work, fantastic sound work. BEsides a poopy last 2 episodes, it is the perfect series. A GREAT romance series is Shuffle! It is a harem series, and mature (there is mature themes shown) but it is a VERY at times dark, and at times light series. I recommend it like crazy. I'm sure Raux has mentioned it to you, but we both have a crazy love for the series AnoHana. I have never cried so much in my life, and I'm not a girly guy. I rarely cry. Another great romance series for realistic people, is Nana. It is a VERY long series, and sort of a clam jam (it revolves around two main female character named Nana, and their life together in Tokyo) but omg is it powerful, and the concept of love they portray is so realistic, and bittersweet. If you're looking for a great action series, Shiki is wonderful. It's a vampire flick, but sort of makes out humans to be the real monsters. Deceptively dark, and very moving. And finally, if you've never seen it, FLCL is the funniest, most action-packed show I've ever seen. If you're a big fan of GUrren Lagann, I recommend both FLCL, and Dead Leaves.

Raux Jan 26, 2012

yes it was the facebook link.

it might have happened, it's not a huge emotional built up. just when she says it.... oh man. you realize she isn't as ignorant as you think....aw shit, i'm crying damnit....i am worthless

Raux Jan 26, 2012

and no. ano hana is not made by the same studio, BUT you have a good eye. same character designer. Masayoshi Tanaka The same character designer as HOTD. Crazy. his work is some of my favorite, and your question would not have made me see the connections, but they TOTALLY ADD UP! holy shit! That kissing scene in toradora, i KNEW it reminded me of something! it reminded me of the lips and kisses you see in HOTD, oh my hell! GOOD EYE! ah! I'm hearting him right now!

Raux Jan 26, 2012

YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! THERE'S NO WAY.... has meiko told jinta yet? has she said that thing that will make your heart tear into a thousand tiny pieces and just die? don't know if you'll even know what i'm talking about but MAN! it totally got to me. it doesn't happen at the very end, i think it happens between episode 8 and 10..... oh man. OH MAN!!! YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS YOU FINISH! ah!!! btw. i added something on my bio you should check out.

Raux Jan 26, 2012

ok, so about me i do this thing where i read the most recent post, and never look at anything older. so when you sent me that message talking about your experience with clannad and how you were on the last episode of spice and wolf. I didn't even notice it because later that day you sent another message. I AM SORRY if you felt like i ignored you.

That is absolutely insane because that's EXACTLY the same thing that happened to me! the last episode i saw that night was episode 16 and man...i lost it. That night, i don't think it was because i was sleepy or something, it was just....i was done. i wasn't angry, i was just too sad. i saw how many other episodes there were, and i got even MORE sad!. yes. haha, i have not talked to a single other person who has understood what clannad did to me. my roommate was way concerned, didn't know how to make me happy. I seriously felt like i was in mourning. WHAT KIND OF FREAKING SHOW DOES THAT?!?!?!?....well, there is one other anime that does, but i don't want to give anything away, you'll watch it and you'll know which anime i'm refering to. but it does it in a different way

I'm glad you're already up to episode 7 on Anohana! Any kind of show that has to do with loved ones who have died is an instant magnet to me. I always love those kinds of stories, they affect me hardcore.

BTW, i found the most hilarious anime that i've seen in a long while. it came out this fall season in japan. it's called Ben-to. i finished it last night. haha. it's a little mature...ok, very mature, not so much visual ecchi....but definitely some verbal ecchi going on. but basically it's about kids who pride themselves in fighting for discount food in grocery stores. sounds insane, but trust me IT IS! and way cooler than i imagined it could be, as well as way funnier than i imagined it would be. if you need a laugh. give it a watch. I've been sick this week, so i already finished three shows. Princess lover, Toradora, and Ben-to. All of which are good. but Toradora took the gold, Ben-to the silver, and princess lover the bronze.