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"I'm a simple man.

*lifts something into truck*

I work hard. I play hard. And when it comes to anime...

*dusts hands*

I prefer subs to dubs."

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wolf4569 Feb 13, 2012

Contains Spoilers, should have done that for a few of my other posts, if anyone reads my comments that came before bewarned they are filled with spoilers.

Anyways I also find the song Iwasawa sings before she disappears to be really emotional too, i think its called my song. Anyways if you have any other show suggestions i would be glad to watch them.

wolf4569 Feb 12, 2012

Angel Beats was an awesome show and had great music, i plan on buying it soon, I think it had a great mix of comedy, happy and sad parts. I really liked the whole story line and the emotion that went with the characters pasts like Yui and Yuri for example. I also liked the connection between Otonashi and Kanade. The last episodes was really emotional and during the ending credits when it showed all the characters disapearing instead of showing up made it even more sad. I'm glad that they see eachother again in the real world. This is easily one of my top 10 favorite shows.

jeffsong Jan 31, 2012

Thank you for your recommendations. I have already watched Clannad(including after story) and AnoHana. Clannad is a surly a great anime, because it is not only about love between couples, and it makes me value those who love me and who I love more than before...but the melancholy atmosphere also makes me gloomy. AnoHana is somewhat not up to my expectation, though the producing group includes several members who participated in producing Toradora. The plot is a bit laggard, and the ending gets too predictable to make me cry...But it nearly did so anyway. I haven't watched angel beats but I know it tends to be a tragedy. Recently I am not in a good mood so I don't decide to watch it immediately. I now prefer some high-quality comedies. But it is not easy to find one you know...The one that makes me actually love is Nichijou. If you can stand some local jokes which is quite hard to understand for foreigners, I would recommend this to you. Of course we can still understand many jokes of it...especially in the latter half. At first you may find it hard to love, but I find myself actually do when I finished the whole 26 episodes.

jeffsong Jan 31, 2012

Seems that we have some common interest in genres of anime...you won't mind if I friend you, right? XD

ThePatches Jan 28, 2012

Thanks for your comment on my Working'!! review!

I love the show, and Taneshima is extremely adorable, but you really should start with the first season in order to get the most cuteness.