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wolf4569 Feb 22, 2012

anohana spoilers

Just finished anohana.. this show was alot better than i thought it would be a first. it was good the whole time but about 1/2 through everything really started to come together. The scene at the end of episode 8 i think when menma finally communicates using the diary and everyone can actually see she exists made my eyes water with happiness, also watching the rocket launch was emotional too and then when she didnt go to heaven. I dont even know how to explain how i felt during the last episode but i cried alot. So many emotions in that. I really liked how the creators were able to bring all the characters stories together and the ending was really good. So many thoughts going through my head i cant really even start to think about many specifics except when he cant see menma anymore and goes looking for her and probably the sadest part when they read the letters and then say goodbye. Im really glad they were all alble to see eachother again. It was great anime and thank you for the recommendation! If you got anymore i would love to watch them, but i will probably watch a few other shows first. Anyways did you watch the tomato scene yet? also what are your thoughts on anohana that you can tell me since ive finished it now. Cya later.

wolf4569 Feb 22, 2012

Sakaki was my favorite character in that show too, btw what do you think of mr. kimura lol. Also how well yukari drives. Anyways the tomatoes part was episode 8 this link on youtube is part 3 of episode 8 but starts right at the tomato scene if you missed it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X-AgGkxVXk it is kinda a creepy scene but its also funny. Also that black cat is evil isnt it. Im going to go finish anohana now cya

wolf4569 Feb 21, 2012

Steins Gate Spoilers and Anohana and azumanga daioh

Thanks for posting that last comment i really enjoyed reading what you wrote and it made me remember a few things i forgot like the Braun murder suicide part. That was a really had scene to watch. Also when she says good bye to her dad as she undoes the message, reading what you wrote about it brought back all the emotions for a few seconds. That was a really good scene in terms of getting to the audience. Basicly i agree with everything you said with the exception of favorite anime girl, i have no idea where i would being to try and figure that out.

I still need to finish anohana and im on episode 7 i think. Anyways so far there have been a few parts where i was emotionally impacted like when poppo is trying to talk to menma and telling her that all she has to do is tell them how to help her get into heaven when she doesnt even know herself. So far i think i understand where all of the characters are feeling and i dont hate yukiatsu now even though i did at first. Once i finish the show i should have more to say but i think this is ok for now. Anyways so far im enjoying it not as much as angel beats but it is still really good. How are you liking azumanga daioh btw. One of my most memorable scenes from that is the one dream episode where chiyos father is like eat your tomatoes. im sure you remember that part, its like wtf? anyways cya later.

wolf4569 Feb 20, 2012


Anyways glad you liked steins gate. I don't know if im repeating myself but i really liked the build up to the second 1/2 where they figure out of to make the time machine and learn the consequences. Then when he has to watch her die over and over was really sad watching him try so hard but to fail everytime. I really liked the relationship Okabe and Kurisu and one of the worst parts is when he decides to save mayuri but knows kurisu will die and pressses the button and then kurisu comes back in to confess her feelings for him as he travels back. And then after he does all that stuff to stop her from being killed in the last 2 episodes but knows the time he spent will still be erased. But im glad that after all of that they run into eachother and he calls her christina and she responds how she did when she knew him well by saying that is not her name and she is not his assistant because she remembered in the back of her head and he gives her the pin, i dont even know how to describe the emotion i felt. On a side note i thought the Feiris story line on the side was really sad, like when he changes the past so her father lives and then she is happy that she spends time with him, however that changes the entire part of that city, (end of ep 9 i think, also its has to be one of the most emotional scenes in the show i think.) Then when he has to ask Feiris to undo the message that was really depressing. The fact that she basicly lets her father leave her life was a big emotional blow. Lots more i could say on this show but this is a the big things i remember having watched the show quite a while ago. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Just realized how long this message was. Sorry about that, btw im going to start anohana once i finish my homework so ill tell you what i think on that show once i get there.

wolf4569 Feb 14, 2012

Yeah i saw you use the spoiler thing and realized if anyone looked though our previous posts and had not seen those shows they would be ruined so i decided to do it aswell. I loved steins gate and i plan to buy it as soon as it is released in north america. Spoilers here! -i really liked the first 10ish episodes as they try to figure out how to use the time machine and then how he starts to learn the consequences of playing with time. When you finish the show i will be able to comment alot more on it. Also thanks for the show recommendation i think ill watch it next since i just finished a show and am looking for a good short series and this one is 11ep if i got it correct. Cya later