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"I'm a simple man.

*lifts something into truck*

I work hard. I play hard. And when it comes to anime...

*dusts hands*

I prefer subs to dubs."

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wolf4569 Mar 21, 2012

I liked it too, it was short and good. Wish they would have a second season though, would be intresting to watch

wolf4569 Mar 19, 2012

what did you think of Nyan Koi?

wolf4569 Feb 28, 2012

Yeah i think leaving it at the close your eyes part was great and i liked the development. Also i cant wait until funimation releases in and i hope they include the ova. Also i went back and listened to the spice and wolf intro for the first time. Dont know why i never listened to the whole thing before but its beautiful. I have it on my ipod now. Anyways cya later got lots of homework.

wolf4569 Feb 27, 2012

Just watched steins gate ova, i think it is the best ova ive seen. really enjoyed it and ending was really good. I like how at the begining he gets arrested lol. Actually i liked every part so if i start to pick out certain parts i would just end up summarizing it. anyways it was Awesome!

wolf4569 Feb 27, 2012

Thanks ill watch that now, btw the knife scene is funny and somewhat creepy. Also just listening to the anohana intro brings up emotions.