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wolf4569 avatar wolf4569


Apr 16, 2012

Glad to know my recommendations have been good too. Ill make sure to watch summer wars when i have a few hours of free time. I guess i my aswell tell my story too. I worked my way into watching anime kinda like you did. I had a xbox live friend that would occasionally me random anime youtube links and i would watch them a bit but it never really made sense to watch 2min clips out of shows and have no idea what is going on. Then one day around this time last year i watched a clip that was really ridiculous. So i decided to watch a episode of the show and see what the hell it was. That show happened to be Rosario Vampire and after watching episode one i ended up watching episode 2 and so on late into night. I think it only took me a day or 2 to finish season 2 aswell. After that i didnt start to watch any other shows until one of my friends from school watched nhk and azumanga after he was told about them from on of his friends. Anyways he told me to watch those 2 and i told him about rosario. I then watched nhk and was suprised when i actually ended up crying over it. It amazed me that a show could bring out such emotion and i then watched azumanga which i also enjoyed. I then watched Deathnote and Code Geass and at that point i was hooked. Ive become alot more open about watching anime since i started watching it and my family knows i like it but i still dont talk to them about the shows much. I also dont watch it directly infront of them to avoid any akward conversations. All of my friends know i watch anime now and are accepting and i even got a few of them to watch some shows. Anyways its been about a year give or take a few weeks since i started watching anime and what a year its been. I cant forget what was started last April when i first watched anime and experienced it for myself from Satou staying in his room hiding from the outside world, Haruhi and her demanding attitude, Tomoya and his life story along with Nagisa and other unforgettable stories like Stiens Gate, Elfen Lied, and Angel Beats. I cant wait to see what great shows i will watch this year and i hope it was just as good as last years.

Btw i dont know if you have seen Code Geass or Death Note yet but they are both worth watching. I get the feeling i may have recommended Code Geass already but it is a great show. Im sure you would like it. Then there is Death Note which is kind of a darker mystery type story but i enjoyed it. However some people dont like it so you may not but i think it is definitely worth trying.

wolf4569 avatar wolf4569


Apr 12, 2012

"I'm responsibly blowing it all away on DVDs." Just thought you should know that made me laugh really hard. I have code geass on dvd but the main problem is finding the time to rewatch it. Anyways i saw Ano Natsu De Matteru somewhere and made a note to watch it at some point but since you recommend it ill probably watch it alot quicker than i would have.(probably next) I was also going to watch High School DxD at some point but just like with Ano Natsu De Matteru it was way down the watch next list. Ill also make sure to watch Zero no Tsukaima and Shakugan no Shana soon.

As for B Gata H Kei i have never heard of it but im going to watch that soon now. Im sure ill like it since ive really enjoyed every show you have recommended to me so far. I also have not heard of Bakemonogatari or Nisemonogatari but im sure it will be good and ill make sure to watch atleast 4 episodes before i start to judge it (after all didnt really like code geass until episode 3 or 4 and it was fantastic)

As for Ore no imouto i also enjoyed it and i did watch the Kuroneko episodes. I also liked how the show was about a person who was trying to hide that they liked anime and other related things because i think many people who watched that show can relate to it. Ive also hid the fact that i watch anime and dealt with that struggle. You should have seen my dads reaction when he found out i watched anime. I can tell you the whole thing later if you want but basicly he questioned why and called it stupid when i told him i wanted to buy one of the dvds online.(Although he had to buy it anyways because i was paying him to do so)

I dont understand why anime is looked down upon by people when many of those people are perfectly fine with family guy and stuff which is okay but i dont see why they have to hate on anime. Someone people i think get the image that anime is all about violence and sexual themes but then you have to point to south park and family guy and go wtf? also even though some anime are like that alot of them are not. I also think anime is better than those shows because all the episodes together make up the plot rather than just one plot for every 30min episode and then having no relation to episode after it like family guy and such. I think that ends my little rant there.

Btw when i first saw your post and its length i was like a bit shocked at the length and that you even took the time to write all of that. I just wanted you to know that i appreciate you taking all the time to write this. Makes me feel kind of bad when you wrong really long intresting comments and all i have to respond with is a few sentences or a paragraph. Anyways i really enjoy your imput and comments about shows and it probably helps me enjoy them when i only know like 2 other people who watch anime and can talk to them about it. I probably shouldnt say anyways again but. Anyways you might want to check out Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. The show just started but the Manga was really good. I dont know how the show might turn out but the Manga is definitely worth reading if you have the time. Anyways  ill talk to you later.

wolf4569 avatar wolf4569


Apr 11, 2012

hello how have you been? Have not messaged you in a while and have not seen alot of anime recently because ive been busy but i noticed you watched Ore no imouto so i was wondering w hat you thought of it. Also i just finsihed a show i think you would really enjoy. Its only 11 episodes and 2 movies. Ive only seen the episodes so far but its really good and reminds me of steins gate a bit. Its called Higashi no Eden or Eden of the East. Anyways its worth checking out. Also if you have seen any good shows recently i have not i would love to know their names so i can watch them too. Cya later

wolf4569 avatar wolf4569


Mar 31, 2012

Have you watched Usagi Drop? if not i would recommend watching it. i just finsihed it and it was pretty good and i think you would enjoy it

wolf4569 avatar wolf4569


Mar 21, 2012

I liked it too, it was short and good. Wish they would have a second season though, would be intresting to watch

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