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wolf4569 May 8, 2012

Code Geass Spoilers

The ending of R2 was really sad i think because of how lelouch who is trying to make the worl a better place takes all the blame and becomes a scape goat. I feel really bad for his sister at the end when she has to see him like that. Btw it is possible lelouch is still alive and with c2. We can get into theorys later if you want. One of the bigger tragedies of the show is shirley and rolo. Shirley loved lelouch and yet even though she knew he killed her father she still tried to help him. Then rolo kills her and the worst part is lelouch has to thank him for it. Shirleys death made me cry. I hate rolo yet i feel for him at the same time. He never had a family and now he has lelouch and he is doing everything he can to help him and yet lelouch was trying to kill him the whole time. Lots of emotions in that show. Talking about the endings impact in full detail would take too long but its kinda of a happy ending and a bad ending, lelouch takes all the blame but the world is more peaceful. Anyways amazing show, just talking about it makes me want to rewatch it.

wolf4569 May 7, 2012

See you got R2, you are going to love it. Last episode of ano natsu was great, intresting to find out MIB actually existed and the one girl(lemon i think was her name) was actually telling the truth when she said she was a part of it in a earlier episode. I agree with you about the dvd thing, it feels alot better to put the dvd in and have the dvd menu art and stuff while you watch it. Also the box art on the dvd is usually good and there is no ads while you watch. The quality is also better. I hate it when i watch anime online and the video randomly stops for a few seconds while the sounds goes on or when the audio and video are no line up correctly. It also sucks when you watch a really critical episode in the story the leaves you at a cliff hanger and the next episode doesn't buffer or all of the links dont work. Down side is dvds tend to be expensive. I try to buy all the really good anime i watch, so far i got angel beats clannad code geass R1 and R2, welcome to the nhk and all of Haruhi. Not alot but a good foundation. I would have bought ano hana if it was for sale in north america. Hope you enjoy R2, im sure you will have alot to comment about when you finish it. Cya later Squatso

wolf4569 May 1, 2012

Finished ano natsu, It was awesome. end of episode 9 made my eyes get watery, damn love triangles!!!!! Last episode was very good, cried at the end. At least i can be happy knowing she somehow got back to earth or how could she have worn that outfit in the movie. Anyways great show. Also thanks for the warning about the sale end but i didnt see your message until today, howeverer the price is still $13 so i might look around for some shows i want and get them along with summer wars. Cya later

wolf4569 Apr 30, 2012

K-on is good aswell as the second season but ill wait until you get there before i start to comment on that. As for summer wars, its only $13 on amazon so ill just get it next time i buy something. I just watched episode 3 of ano natsu, got to love misunderstandings. Really enjoying the series so far. As for code geass i cant say alot because im not sure if it will give anything away but i liked Lloyd. Then there is Suzaku and lelouch. Suzaku who tries to change things from within and not using violence, which is what you would think is the right way to do it but we end up siding with lelouch who tries to change britiania using force. Suzaku is trying to do what he thinks is right but always ends up getting in lelouch's way. However if code geass was from his perspective i bet it would be zero getting in his way. Anyways its intresting to watch that little conflict between between them play out. I also liked watching how the formation of the black nights played out. Its intresting to see how you get from lelouch by himself to controling a resistance group. Going to watch more ano natsu now so cya. Hope R2 ships to you quickly, it must be torture waiting after watching the end of R1

wolf4569 Apr 29, 2012

Also how do you like K-on so far?