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"I'm a simple man.

*lifts something into truck*

I work hard. I play hard. And when it comes to anime...

*dusts hands*

I prefer subs to dubs."

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wolf4569 May 28, 2012

Damn that sucks. If you have time though it would still be worth watching from how you get from point a to b also this show is powerful with emotions. Ive never felt so much hatred for one person. I also became very saddened for Katsura. One thing i do get is alot of people hate the show because they hated the main character. I dont think you should judge a show based on what a character does in it. I think that is to simple. I think the show is good because of the amount of emotion it can put out and make you feel. However if you were watching the show expecting laughs and enjoyment well i can understand why you would hate it then. Anyways it is only 12 episodes so i would say it is still worth watching but thats up to you.

wolf4569 May 23, 2012

I just watched school days and wow. I dont know if you have seen it yet but if you have not i think you should atleasty check it out. It has a intresting story and its hard to explain my thoughts on it without giving hints but i will say that once you finish it, like it or not i think you will respect it.

wolf4569 May 22, 2012

Watched Highschool DxD today and it turned out to be alot better than i though. Was iffy at first because it had alot of nudity and was worried fan service would be more important than plot. I really liked the story and i thought the whole rating game in the last few episodes was pretty well done.

ThePatches May 14, 2012

Thanks for your comment on my Nisemonogatari review. ^_^

I never said the show wasn't enjoyable. For me, and for quite a few others to whom I've spoken, the show wasn't as... meaty? As its prequel. My issue was with pacing more than fanservice. You could place my critique as similar to my problem with Aoi Hana, that the non-plot interactions swallowed up a lot of time that could have been productively spent on furthering other interesting threads.

wolf4569 May 10, 2012

I was just listening to the ending song for ano natsu and started to get flashbacks of the last episode. Does that ever happen to you? Anyways i like your comment of lelouch and shirley being the horo and lawrence of code geass. Never thought of it like that but i like the idea. Also forgive me for how i spelled her name. I like how you brought up Envy's death. No matter how much you hate him you cant help but feel bad for him when he dies atleast a little. Time to study for my ap test now, probably should have done that earlier but oh well. cya