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"I'm a simple man.

*lifts something into truck*

I work hard. I play hard. And when it comes to anime...

*dusts hands*

I prefer subs to dubs."

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wolf4569 Jan 4, 2012

Those were basicly all the parts where i cried. It's a really good show so far and im looking forward to finishing the series. Also everything you mentioned i had seen so you didn't spoil anything. Right now im on 15 but i expect to be finished by friday. Then ill start after story

wolf4569 Jan 2, 2012

Only episode 14 and i have cried atleast 3 times already. This show is amazing. Thank you for your review of it because i had been putting it off for other shows until now.

wolf4569 Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Year Squatso, Thank you for your opinion on Clannad, I'm going to watch it next and i like shows that have the power to give off emotion and affect the viewer. So i think i will enjoy it, also Toradora was a good show too. I still am wondering when that bird will die though.

As for the endless 8, i can understand how people hated it because of its repetition, and i would also have hated it if they used the same animation for every episode. However i actually kept myself entertained during all 8 episode by figuring out all of the differences. I also think it was important build up to show how Nagato became in the movie which as you said and i agree with was one of the best anime movies ever. I actually rewatched the whole endless 8 again a few weeks ago when i rewatched all of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Another thing to tie along with what you said about Clannad and how before it you were never very emotionally affected by media work. I would have to agree with you almost 100% on that. Shows and movies rarely have any emotional impact on me. However once i started watching anime i learned really quick that anime can make you feel alot of things, and i was suprised when the second anime i watched (NHK) made me shed tears. My first anime was Rosaro Vampire, a friend i had online talked me into watching in and it was good for a first anime i guess but could have used alot less panty shots in my opinion. Now i feel like im rambling. Anyways ill talk to you later and thank you for the compliment on my avatar, i also think it is adorable. cya

wolf4569 Dec 31, 2011

Hello again. I understand what you mean about Koizumi. Also love and hate are really strong feelings i think it would be better if they had the options be like or dislike. Also i saw you watched Clannad. I have alot of shows i want to watch so i was wondering if it was a show so good i should watch it right now or should i watch some other shows first? I would also be intrested to hear what you thought about the endless 8 part of haruhi. Also i would like to thank you for taking my recommendations into consideration.

wolf4569 Dec 30, 2011

Hello, I started watching anime about the same time you did and we have seen a few of the same shows so i thought i would suggest some for you. Since you said you liked FMAB, I think you would also like Code Geass. Code Geass involves action but at the same time it left me thinking and has some emotion behind it. Also if you liked Elfen Lied i think you might also like Steins Gate as well as Welcome to the NHK. NHK is a intresting show. Its depressing and sad but gives you hope and is a comedy at the same time. I still wonder how they did it. If you are wonding how i found your profile i was curious to see what kind of person hated itsuki koizumi. Anyways if you end up watching those shows i hope you like them.