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Raux Jan 23, 2012

oh man! i LOST IT when yui dissapeared. My heart died! oh man, and he just, starts grasping at the air in front of him. but wasn't it insane how that ten second clip  after the ending theme fixed everything?!?!? ah, i went from "why am i alive? life is horrible" to "wow, life is ok, it's still hard, but stuff works out" 

I completely agree with spice and wolf's ending and opening themes. INCREDIBLE. and what about FMA brotherhood? i LOVED the second opening theme and it shows the clips of hawkeye and um.... blond mechanic chick. saying the lines about love and stuff. oh man! so GOOD! also. angel beats opening theme! that one affected me probably the strongest out of all of those. Yes, opening and ending themes are definetley something i pay attention to. i love them. and about those who bag on angel beats. Screw them. most of the reasons i see that they hate it is because it's not unique. but the irony of that statement is that EVERY FREAKING ANIME ISNT REALLY UNIQUE. everything, everywhere has been done. gets taken and is redone. Anime's with new ideas that haven't been thought of before cannot show up all the time. so grow up, realize that you can't have a gormet meal every night, and learn to enjoy your mom's home cooked meal in the same light. you pessimistic idiots. I am an avid reader, i love to write, i'm also an actor. I have realized that it is a hinderance on your ability to enjoy life if you keep wanting something unique and never settle for anything with basic them, but extravagent plot-line.

whew, sorry about that, just had to vent a little. those stupid tolls piss me off way too much

I just finished it. Toradora was amazing. that ending was so good! unpredictable. more realistic than most harems. very good. glad your anime list inspired me to watch it!

Raux Jan 23, 2012

yes, i totally agree about the mech, fight scene, where you find out the best friend was killed. pretty good. i liked your view of edmond's past lover. (shit i hate being terrible with names). you might be right. i'll have to watch some of those episodes again. I actually didn't know anohana had made it to the top so fast! holy crap! it only came out last spring. same as steins;gate, and both are in the top 15 i think, i'll have to look. just goes to say that this last year was a great year for anime. steins;gate, anohano, and guilty crown. those are amazing shows.

Also, i didn't say anything about spice and wolf, but i should. holo (in the subbed version, they type it horo, but i think that's mainly because japanese do not have an "L" sounds in their language, rather it's a series of soft or hard "R" sounds. but i'm not sure entirely, tomato tomahto, doesn't really matter) is actually my favorite femail protagonist to date. those writers, and that studio made an unparalled, amazing subtle, bold, and intelligent femail heroine. Really, they did so amazing.

I remember that scene! that was a good scene! definitely gripped you hard! by the end, you're holding your breath, waiting for the kiss and then. "ah! no kiss!?!?! damn it! but still....i'm left strangely satisfied..." is the feeling i had when i saw that. Another thing i'm wierd about in my anime, is that overall (when it's done right) i prefer dubbed to subbed. FMP is a perfect example. Chris Patton (sausoke) and Lucy Christian (Kaname) are two of my favorite american voice actors of all time, and i actually prefer their work to the original. (most other anime fans would want me to burn for saying that, but....meh, i like what i like.) Especially Lucy Christian, she was Nagisa in clannad. and as you watch more dubbed (if you care to) you will see Lucy's name appear in all of the best ones out there. she is absolutely amazing.

Haha, anyway, don't want to rattle your ears...er...eyes off, just like talking about good anime that i've seen. but since you've started, you have some very decent titles under your belt. it's fun to learn and grow as you experience new anime, you start appreciating books, and all genres of film more. or at least. i did.

Raux Jan 23, 2012

haha, i've seen every single one you mentioned except toradora and gurren lagaan. i watched gurren lagaan till about episode 4, but i got distracted by phantom;requiem for phantom. (that one is BALLS CRAZY!) I'm really relieved that you think that about TSR, it was my favorite too, and so many people like fumoffu better. Although fumoffu was hilarious, and i laughed till i cried. TSR was so good. the villain was so awesome. Btw, what was the awesome romantic scene that you were talking about? it was between blue-haired chick and military-boy right? (i totally forgot their names, even though i was a huge fan of it.)

Anohana is the name of it. it actually has a really really long name, that translated comes out along the lines of "i stll can't remember the name of that flower we saw that one time years ago" - abreviated it comes out Anohana. and...boy, it's amazing.

I got to part 3 of FMA brotherhood. I didn't catch much of a romance yet. but i hear part 4 and 5 are like a totally different show and just pure awesome. i can't wait to get started on it!

Gankutsuo, that one was amazing, very visually appealing. I liked it a ton. except. i never read the book, so i don't know how it turns out in that book. but in the show, it seemed that the downplayed the relationship with the count and his past lover, who married the man who betrayed him. in the movie they made (in the early 2000's) it showed that she still loved him and had deep, deep feelings for him. I was moved by that. but with gankutsuo, it was more like. "oh, you were my old lover, that was a surprise, i loved you with all my heart, but..... i don't love you anymore, and i'll just move on being poor" also, in the movie the son turned out being the count's son. and i also liked that more. comparison aside though. i really did like ganketsuo. I was very impressed by it. the clothes and they way they did the character designs. absolutely incredible.

I'm checking out Toradora as we speak, I'll let you know how it goes!

Raux Jan 23, 2012

Thank you for the comment on my review, I'm glad you liked it! We seem to have a similar taste in anime, I'd defintely put steins'gate at the top of your list. there is a great romance in it. I didn't say anything on my review about it, because the show's main focus is friendship. but yes, if you like that. I"d check it out 

The top three anime's on my pedestal. are clannad (omfg, freakin clannad! so glad you've seen that one), steins;gate, and Anohana (Anohana is by far the most emotionally gripping out of those three. but a beautiful anime. one i would definetely recommend.) those three share the same rank in my opinion. what are your favorites? give me your top five, and i'll start hacking away at em. I need to watch some more good anime.

wolf4569 Jan 22, 2012

It's intense isnt it! i was watching that when i told said you had to watch it as soon as possible. Also Amarty is a basterd for trying to take horo