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Cause I swerve with the worst of the serpents. I play determined, Imma make it worth it. 

Talk to em like state your purpose, it better be perfect if I pay for service.

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February 23, 2014

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nallyasian avatar nallyasian


May 13, 2013


how've you been?

holy shit i haven't been on in so long afahfhghag

nallyasian avatar nallyasian


Sep 22, 2012



nallyasian avatar nallyasian


May 28, 2012

dafuqqq is with your new one...? O.O

and ehhhhh i don't get what you're saying -.-" i don't remember ever losing my cool. to you anyway :$




love from,

shitslut ♥  pfffffft.

have you ever watched deadman wonderland? and if so is it good? (i cbf checking your list)

nallyasian avatar nallyasian


May 26, 2012

ahhh shaddap, you know what i mean =.=

YAR HAR FIDDLEEDEE i see you've updated your bio :P good man!

and yeah, i've heard of arakawa under the bridge. though i was planning to read the manga... i think? idk lol i've forgotten. but you know meh. all planning and no doing :$






you're a fagcunt ♥

nallyasian avatar nallyasian


May 25, 2012

well i suppose you could ENLIGHTEN me so that NEXT YEAR i would UNDERSTAND what DAFUQQ may 29th is supposed to MEAN, apart from it being the LEAP YEAR DAY, like SORRY to DISAPPOINT YOU so much CHUMP.

hahaha XD peace!

oh and apart from steins;gate do you have any recs for meeee? :3

you know what i just realised.

IM 200 EPISODES BEHIND YOU BABY. AWWYEEEEAH (nods) better watch out, im catching up fast! 8-)

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