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I'm a very social girl~ I love to hang around and make new friends. <3 I havent been watching anime "seriously"  until one of my friends recently hooked me! xD Basically, the only animes I've ever watched and fell in love with are Fullmetal Alchemist and Ef - A Tale of Memories so I'm a pretty big noob. I'm fairly easy to get along with as long as you spell your words out properly and keep stupid comments to yourself we're sure to get along great.

I love to draw, I have a DeviantART account, my name on there is Opheleus. I'll draw anything but I hardly ever submit anything so my gallery is dead most of the time. There are many ways to contact me, mainly MSN and Skype though. I will accept anyone who adds me but be sure to tell me who you are as soon as possible. ~

MSN - [email protected]

Skype - SpiritSai


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