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about me

How I came to Anime-Planet:

After I saw some of the very unqiue A-P signatures and developed an urge to have one myself, I began to search for the source. As you all know, the source is Anime-Planet, so that's how I found my way here.

How I started to be interested in Anime:

The one who brought me to Anime was my older sister with Sailor Moon, which aired on German TV at that time. After watching a few episodes with her, my interest in Anime was born and I researched what this kind of show was called. This was my "First Contact" with Anime.

Why the hell has that guy so many 5 Stars rated Anime?!

Well, unlike most people, I'm not really that strict about rating and because I tend to only watch Anime which seem interesting to me anyway, most of them end up getting at least a 3+ rating.

How I started to learn English:

Because of my great interest in Anime/Manga and my opinion that original japanese audio + english subs rules, I started to learn English on my own. Even today I'm still trying to improve it bit by bit without much success, though xD

What about my hobbys?

  • watching/reading Anime/Manga
  • hanging out with friends and doing random stuff
  • MMO's such as; World Of Warcraft, Ragnarok Online and TERA
  • Video Games such as; Final Fantasy X, Odin's Sphere, Legend of Zelda
  • memorizing random stuff
  • listening to music

Some of my favorite Bands/Artists:

  • S.S.H.
  • FLOW
  • Maximum the Hormone
  • Metallica
  • R.E.M.
  • Linkin Park
  • Feint
  • Two Steps from Hell
  • Pendulum

That's it for now!



my life spent on anime

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  • 5 Hours
  • 4 Days
  • 2 Weeks
  • 9 Months
  • 1 Year

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June 11, 2009

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April 19, 2014

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total anime ratings: 1,029

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total manga ratings: 311


HikaruTenshi avatar HikaruTenshi


Oct 7, 2012

::pokes back::

Hiiiiii Spirit-kun! ^_^

What's up?


Aurura avatar Aurura


Sep 24, 2012

Aw, I'm 38 years old now.  I left it off cause I hate being judged by folks younger than I about it (it's happened in  the past).

Guild Wars 2  (GW2) is a one-time pay, no subscription game.  It is, in my opinion, the ultimate MMOPRG.  Here's a short trailer... and, unlike most games out there, what you see in the trailer actually -is- what it looks like *exactly* in game!:


I'm lvl 70 in the game right now, and it's still blowing me away.  <3

Aurura avatar Aurura


Sep 23, 2012

You know what, there could be the possibility that you may have been thinking about Aquarion Evol when I said Aquarian Age.  Those are two completely different animes...

Aurura avatar Aurura


Sep 23, 2012

Although I'm aware that there's some sort of sequel to Aquarian Age, I'm not sure if it leans more on a mecha-type storyline, but the original does not.  It's got supernatural power and such, but noting mecha at all.  And it's got an interesting plot... but that's all I'll say on that :P

I'm on the search once again for another good story... in the meantime, trying to lock in a solid plan with my kids' schooling, my husband's work schedule and my 1-yr old's play day schedule and  playing lotsa Guild Wars 2.  *^_^*

puriful avatar puriful


Sep 22, 2012

Oh I see. Well, I like your new one too ^_^

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