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How I came to Anime-Planet:

After I saw some of the very unqiue A-P signatures and developing an urge to have one myself, I began to search for the source. As you all know, the source is Anime-Planet, so that's how I found my way here.


How I became interested in Anime:

The one who brought me to Anime was my older sister, with Sailor Moon, which aired on German TV at the time. After watching a few episodes with her, I became interested and researched what this kind of show was called. This was my "First Contact" with Anime.


Why the hell has that guy so many 5 Stars rated Anime?!

Well, unlike most people, I'm not really that strict about rating and because I tend to only watch Anime which seem interesting to me anyway, most of them end up getting at least a 3+ rating.


How I started to learn English:

Because of my great interest in Anime/Manga and my opinion that original japanese audio + english subs is the closest to the original meaning you can get if you don't speak japanese, I started to learn English on my own.


What about my hobbys?


Some of my favorite Bands/Artists:

That's it for now!



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AikaCoonCat Apr 21, 2015

Hello Spirit!

how has life been? I hope you are doing well. :)

My boyfriend and I are moving in together on May1st. I am also transfering stores in the end of May as well.

I am now a staff member at my local anime convention; remember how much I wanted my art to me published? Well it's going to be published for he first time in the con book this year! I am so exited for that!

hope to hear from you soon.-Kitty-chan.

AikaCoonCat Oct 3, 2014

wow this place as changed a lot huh?

been a long time since I logged on here I guess. @_@


AikaCoonCat Jul 17, 2014

Oh wow seems you have been very busy!

I too have a new job working at the vision center in Walmart. (: I like it a lot. I still have my art career on the side though. For now, hope to make that my main one day.

my divorce just got finalized this month on the 14th.

I am dating a coworker of mine since may and we are taking it very slow. So far so good :) treats me better then my ex did for sure.

hope to talk to you soon,


AikaCoonCat Apr 7, 2014

Hey Spirit-kun~

how have you been? up to anything fun lately?


AkumaSama Feb 28, 2014

Thanks! Ill take a look at it ;) And Yes, I know how you feel about not having a favorite anime/manga. In profile I have someme pictures of some anime/manga I love, but it is difficult to pick oe. I feel each anime/manga is unique on its own way and like evey single one. Although I have to admit that there are some I do not like becuase the story plot was boring and not really interesting like Ultra Maniac and Sci-Fi Harry (this anime was soooo boring and the plot really confusing) XDnly on