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Hello, Welcome to my profile. I'm surprised you were interested enough to stop by, I mean, who even looks at these things anymore, amirite?

I only kid.

My username is SpiderNeko, and search that up can brign you to my deviantart and my tumblr accounts, and although there is definately more content currently on my deviantart account, I haven't been very active at all on it and have been using my tumblr for way more things like ramdon pictures and comics.

I've been an avid anime and manga fan for quite some number of years, which sprung up from an avid affinity for video games.

I'm more into the smarter types of anime, or some of the thinker types, but nothing way to confusing, I'm not all THAT cunning. I also tend to have a guilty pleasure for some sports anime and really REALLY bad anime.

Hopefully my rambling hasn't gotten you to distracted from what you were here to do, and if you see any errors in my spelling or writing, don't worry about it too much, I type too fast to notice most of the time, and I'll probably proof-read it sometime when I'm not so busy. Thank you for popping in and I hope you find what you were looking for here on my page.

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