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Hello :]

My name is Agnes.. don't wear it out :)

I pretty much live to have fun :)

I'm at college studying travel and tourism and will go on to study tourism management at university.. can't waittt..:) I'm not sure where that'll lead me, but I'll find out eventually!

My friends are pretty awesome - but I wouldn't let them know that cos then their heads will get all big and stuff.

In my free time I've started watching anime and I loved it ^_^ At the moment I'm a litte bit more into manga however anime still is my first love (quite pathetic, don't you think?) ...lol... I'm joking my first love is.... [can't tell you yet because it's a secret, but if I'll get to know you better then maybe... ;) ]

Going back to anime it's hard for me to pick up the favorites one but to give you idea what I like (type of anime of course, we don't know each other enough to talk about H stuff :P) there are some examples:


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What?! No manga ratings?

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AniCrazy Feb 23, 2009

might be a stupid question but whats FMA?!? ...if i should know what it is but dont then srry srry =( lol

AniCrazy Feb 23, 2009

i like manga for romance animes a bit but like action like naruto and stuff i just cant do it,its like so boring to me like "OMG Naruto is doing a rasengan" lol guess my imagination sux maybe yea spring 09 i actually got a couple i wanna watch but i like to sit there and watch like the whole series so im waiting patiently for alot of them to finish...

xonoth Feb 23, 2009

No no :D  miałabyś jakąś propozycje pokroju Great Teacher Onizuka :D? Naśmiałem się aż do bólu :D

xonoth Feb 23, 2009

Całkiem niezła biblioteczka:) Pozdrawiam.

AniCrazy Feb 22, 2009

thanks alot i kno it is alot of info its cause i talk so much in real life i end up typing alot like right now for instance im just going on and on when a thank you is all that was liek needed but yea...weird right =) but oh well you watched so many anime 300+ crazy im struggling to find more to watch i feel as though ive ran out :(