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Hello :]

My name is Agnes.. don't wear it out :)

I pretty much live to have fun :)

I'm at college studying travel and tourism and will go on to study tourism management at university.. can't waittt..:) I'm not sure where that'll lead me, but I'll find out eventually!

My friends are pretty awesome - but I wouldn't let them know that cos then their heads will get all big and stuff.

In my free time I've started watching anime and I loved it ^_^ At the moment I'm a litte bit more into manga however anime still is my first love (quite pathetic, don't you think?) ...lol... I'm joking my first love is.... [can't tell you yet because it's a secret, but if I'll get to know you better then maybe... ;) ]

Going back to anime it's hard for me to pick up the favorites one but to give you idea what I like (type of anime of course, we don't know each other enough to talk about H stuff :P) there are some examples:


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What?! No manga ratings?

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AniCrazy Feb 25, 2009

thats insane well i guess there both gonna be back to there adventures hopefully i hope they take off from where they left off or at least show him getting back his alchemy i hate when they act like a whole bunch of stuff didnt happen then all a sudden its like it never happened or ....lol i confused myself i think you know what i mean though right? =)

MrBlueSky Feb 25, 2009

Yeah it just had a charm about it that i really liked! i want to watch Zero no Tsukaima though! That looks like some thing i would like if i like inukami! just need to find a place to watch it though!


MrBlueSky Feb 25, 2009


Thanks very muh for the welcoming! Im abit new to this world of anime! Bit of a newby! Though just watched Inukami and loved it! The first anime i've watched with subtitles aswell!


kawasaky55 Feb 25, 2009

i liked your anime list and avatar too!!!

AniCrazy Feb 23, 2009

get outta hear another fullmetal???!!! Crazyy didnt it end with like the lil one back in his body and the other one lost his use of alchemy and choose science? i think it was like that wow thats good i luved that show the ending disapointed me a bit though