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Hello :]

My name is Agnes.. don't wear it out :)

I pretty much live to have fun :)

I'm at college studying travel and tourism and will go on to study tourism management at university.. can't waittt..:) I'm not sure where that'll lead me, but I'll find out eventually!

My friends are pretty awesome - but I wouldn't let them know that cos then their heads will get all big and stuff.

In my free time I've started watching anime and I loved it ^_^ At the moment I'm a litte bit more into manga however anime still is my first love (quite pathetic, don't you think?) ...lol... I'm joking my first love is.... [can't tell you yet because it's a secret, but if I'll get to know you better then maybe... ;) ]

Going back to anime it's hard for me to pick up the favorites one but to give you idea what I like (type of anime of course, we don't know each other enough to talk about H stuff :P) there are some examples:


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What?! No manga ratings?

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Icey Mar 1, 2009

Ah, I should have paid more attention to your favourite genre list... that show is a romance type. I was going to suggest Ichigo 100% but spotted that you have seen that.

I'm actually just outside London in a town called Waltham Abbey - how about you?

AniCrazy Mar 1, 2009

yea i do...i go to college in new york for buisness management pretty boring but anime gets me through me it lol =)...also my girl helps a bit too but she doesnt understand anime or like it much urghh the day i get a girl who likes anime the day i say i do lmao jk probably...i see you go to school for travel is that any fun? it looks intresting

oddin Feb 27, 2009

Manga to też dobra rzecz ;)

W takim razie wejdę na te forum co polecasz :) może mi się też spodoba :D

pozdrawiam Oddin

Icey Feb 27, 2009

Hiya! Thanks, you have a great sig too! I'd like to say I took the time to make a unique sig... but I must confess I just hunted through the database until I found one I liked. Although, I still have not worked out which show it come from.... :P

I'm impressed by your life spent on Anime! Some great shows you have in your top 5 - FMA, FMP & Naruto :) I took a quick look at your watched list and got the impression we both enjoy similar shows. You might want to check out Tokimeki Memorial.

Would be great to stay in touch and if you have any recs please let me know!

AniCrazy Feb 26, 2009

hmm yea if i had to watch like a 300+ episode anime just to get into it i wouldnt either lol aww man depressing oh well i figured that much cause i dont see nothing but depressing episodes but she does fall alot that was funny lol

im watching Zero no Tsukaima now as well i like it so far i like that they at  least kiss once in awhile did you like that show i notice you dont rate much i rate like everything 5 stars just cause i feel lucky just to watch anime lol and i wouldnt finish it if i didnt think it was 5 star great...