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Hello :]

My name is Agnes.. don't wear it out :)

I pretty much live to have fun :)

I'm at college studying travel and tourism and will go on to study tourism management at university.. can't waittt..:) I'm not sure where that'll lead me, but I'll find out eventually!

My friends are pretty awesome - but I wouldn't let them know that cos then their heads will get all big and stuff.

In my free time I've started watching anime and I loved it ^_^ At the moment I'm a litte bit more into manga however anime still is my first love (quite pathetic, don't you think?) ...lol... I'm joking my first love is.... [can't tell you yet because it's a secret, but if I'll get to know you better then maybe... ;) ]

Going back to anime it's hard for me to pick up the favorites one but to give you idea what I like (type of anime of course, we don't know each other enough to talk about H stuff :P) there are some examples:


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What?! No manga ratings?

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xonoth Feb 28, 2010

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKCccyZvtIo :-)

IchiNaru Mar 9, 2009

Hello. Great avatar you got there. Like it very much. What anime is it from?

Take care !

// zR0 !

AniCrazy Mar 2, 2009

cool cause ive watched like 90 or so and im struggling to find more and you watched like 300 so i was thinking i wished i liked more type of things...YAY i went to see if you watched love hina cause thats what imma watch next and i also saw you watched something called love love? (and of course a name like that gets my intrest lol) i like the summary so imma watch that too YAY add two more animes on the soon to be watched list lol your o so helpfull lol

AniCrazy Mar 1, 2009

so cool i like to travel too i always wanted to go to like japan and stuff dont really know why not like they got subs for their anime lol but animes make it look like this incredible place so it looks intresting you study something fun at least my major boring but it makes good money....so i could travel and watch alot lot of anime lol you watch alot of anime so like 300+ do you enjoy all a them or just finish watching them cause you started?

Icey Mar 1, 2009

Yep, Skip Beat is great. From the winter 08 shows I'm also really enjoying Akikan, Asu no Yoichi and Regios to name a few. Are you watching Gundam 00? This has to be one of the best action shows on right now with really impressive production quality.