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Hi world!!!!!! :) *waves*

Well I like playing video games (mostly JRPG's), reading books, hiking, abit of star gazing and cooking (not very good at it mind you).

I have a youtube channel so please do check it out when you can



My blog: http://chronoj.wordpress.com/

There are other thingss as well but I can't put them all down.

See ya!!!


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himekarin Dec 8, 2010

A lot    =w=+

4EverDreamer Dec 3, 2010

Well, yeah, Cloud was sulky. *L* But I felt sorry for him. Did you watch the full Blueray version? It is like 100 times better.

KittyxRose Oct 1, 2010

lolol. Most likely we'll be going int business together.

Hmmmmmmm i don't really waych too much t.v. Most of what comes on doesn not tickle my fancy at all.

KittyxRose Sep 12, 2010

California.  Right now I'm studying Graphic design and psycology and this is my second year in college. I wish i had a part time job with flexible hours.  I've known my best friend for about 8 years now. We went to the same middle school, highschool and now college together. lol and we've got some interesting stories already. So many crazy inccidents, so little time.

KittyxRose Aug 24, 2010

I'm from the U.S of A. lol. Na, my drawing is really crappy and i guess my writing is ok. I write waaay mor than i draw. I wish I had a pet. Me mum won't let me keep one at the house.