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Anime Sanjushi


So this was my first ever taste at anime (besides AstroBoy, of course, but I was too young to REALLY get it when it was out). Here though, I was old enough to totally get into the series and just die for the school day to end so I could catch this afternoon special. It lasted only 2 seasons but it was awesome. And a great intro to classical litterature :D

I have to find it on DVD...

Here's the description on the Anime News Network:



PS what a shock it was to read the 3 musketeers (integral French version of course) later on in life - WHAT?! Aramis is NOT a woman in a man's disguise??!! lol


dnerchick avatar dnerchick
May 6, 2014

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sabutaatti avatar sabutaatti
Dec 5, 2009

<3 I totally love the original novel (I should find out the sequels somewhere) and wanted to see this serie (I have seen the movie---and first episode D: this curoisity kills me)...also I have seen Wanwan Sanjushi which is hilarious *hint hint*

Hy if you find out DVD's, I'm also interested :D

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