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my thoughts on Naruto

22 MAR

Naruto - such a dissapointment! With all fans and deep thoughts about characters and who's with whom I just... expected more -.- And it's just too long. And no good for watching one episode after another. It's realy made for one episode/day or week. Somehow it reminds me on watching Pokemon or Sailor Moon or even Candy, Candy when I was a kid, expecting it every day on TV and never getting dissapointed. Guess it's just made for different public than I am :) From all the characters I realy like Shikamaru. I can realy and deeply understand his unwillingness to do anything, yet giving his best when needed

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wickedshizuku avatar wickedshizuku
Apr 21, 2011

About 5 years ago I invested in Sundevildvd so we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I love to watch stuff in marathon mode since my kid's are older and they are in turn learning to read English and to speak Japanese. I will admit that it does get frustrating for new episodes so I will stop watching for about six months and then catch up. If you really add up the hours of things I've rewatched it would boggle your mind.

Btw I saw in your profile that you like to read. Have you heard of Goodreads.com?

SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies
Apr 19, 2011

I'll never watch Naruto, Bleach or One Piece. They're simply waaaaay too long. Besides, who knows when they'll even end?

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