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This anime. Is. Amazing.

I love how much it decives you. This is not a warm magical girl anime. It absolutely kills everything you expect. It does that with out being some extremely gorey, crappy parody-type thing, though.

The plot is great. There are no fillers, no annoying backstory that drags on for multiple episodes, or things that happen for no reason. The whole plot is at the perfect pace and very dynamic. It twists all your expectations around and creates an addicting, twisted masterpiece. I could not stop watching this. There are no gaps whatsoever, just a seamless, awesome plot. Some of the quotes were so powerful I almost cried.

The animation, sure, isn't so amazing, but it makes the anime special. It's like it invented it's own style of anime, that only belongs to it. If it had had a more normal style I don't think the series would have been as enjoyable.

The music is absolutely amazing. Yuki Kajiura composed it, no wonder. The songs give you the exact right mood and feeling. A magical, creepy, mystified kind of feeling. They gave me goosebumps. It's absolutely perfect. One of the best anime soundtracks I've heard so far.

The characters were perfect. They all had such an impressive impact on the plot. They all had such different, complete, perfect for the plot personalities. Kyubey, the deciever. Mami, the arrogant big sister. Madoka, the stupid normal one who just wants to help her friends. Homura, the one who everyone has blown off not knowing that her true intentions are just that of a selfish friend. Sayaka, the stupid, idealistic tomboy. Kyouko, the rebelious girl who only does things for herself and herself only.

And as a girl around their age, I could relate to each and every one of them. I felt Mami's lonliness and fear, Madoka's desperation and confusion, Sayaka's mistakes and despair, Kyouko's pain and trauma, and Homura's scars, pain and desparation. I didn't just like every character, I love them all. Even Kyubey, the perfect villan. They were just such realistic girls. And the development is so amazing. After the series is over you know every single character inside and out, better than you know yourself.

My only complaint is that the ending could have been sadder and less.... eh.

Overall, this anime stands out from all the rest and left a huge mark on me. I could watch it again, again, and again. It's truly mystifying and amazing.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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roriconfan Aug 3, 2012

There are no characters in this show. They are all puppets controlled by magic panacea so I refuse to consider them even average. There is also not much of a story. Just a bunch of random ideas thrown in without elaboration to make you think it was smart.