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Angel Beats!

Aug 2, 2012

The overall story was... okay. It had a nice, solid plot. It sort of veered off in weird ways sometimes, but it kept on track for the most part.It was a little too overused and cliche, though. Most of the things that happened I've seen over a thousand times in other shows, and it makes me think "Oh, here we go again." Plus, I've seen a bunch of things similar to this plot before -.-. The thing about the afterlife and all wasn't very well studied upon.They were just like "Oh, we're in the afterlife. Let's go fight this angel thing. Yay." And move on. They could've done something more with the concept, but no. There was no sad quotes like "I don't know what's real anymore" or "After we beat this angel, will be be here forever?" No. They're just "Okay, let's run around. The afterlife is cool. Blah Blah Blah." The backstories were nice and sad. Not enough to make you cry or anything, but just sad enough. 

And there wasn't anything... tear jerking. It was all a happy go lucky ending. Nothing special, nothing sad, nothing amazing. When Yuri said "The whole world has been waiting!!" Or something like that and shot all the TV's.... I was just done. Was that supposed to be the dramtic ending quote? Come on. It made me roll my eyes.

The animation was nice, but nothing special. Could've been better, but it wasn't bad.

The music was pretty well done. It was sort of sad they didn't use much in the actual show. It was just the opening (Which I really, really liked), ending and maybe in some dramatic moments, but other than that.... It wasn't used too much. That's not such a bad thing, though. 

The characters really disappointed me. They were just so flat and stereotypical. I didn't like any of them except Iwasawa. And she barely had any screen time. Otanashi (Usaru) had basically one personality trait (Being... kind?) and no flaws. Yurippe... I liked her okay, but only because of her backstory. She didn't have a personality, except for a "leader"like attitude. Shina was such a stereotype she made me mad. She didn't even have a purpose. They probably just thought her up like "Oh, let's put some emo chic in the corner." Yuii was also a stereotype. Making a backstory for her doesn't change that. Hinata... Didn't have much of a personality, but hey, he was fine. And Kanade was probably the most developed character. Can't say I liked her, but she was a fine character. The guy with the axe was... boring. And the green-haired one with the black uniform and cap was well developed, but I didn't like how he randomly appeared, had some little episode all to himself, then randomly switched over to the good side and was stuck in the very background for the whole rest of the series. ALL of the characters were extreme stereotypes and copies off other characters. No matter how you look at it.

The two couples (Kanade and Usaru, Yuii and Hinata) were cute. But they didn't have ANY development. It was just, at the last minute, "Oh, these two are cute. Let's put them together."

When they graduated....... It annoyed me. I knew they were trying to make us sad by "sending all our favorite characters away". But I disliked every one of those characters. When they had that emotional moment, I was like "Oh god, please just graduate already. I'm not going to cry at all in this anime, forget about it."

This anime didn't "change my outlook on life", make me cry, "forever mark me" or anything like that. No.

The main thing that bothered me... As I said before, there was nothing tearjerking. Nothing unexpected. Nothing heart-stopping. Nothing special. Nothing Amazing. No amazing action scenes (Did they really need those annoying machine guns?). No original Comedy. Nothing thought-provoking. Nothing in this anime that made it different from all the others. This anime never left a mark on me. It was just another cliche, overused, only slightly enjoyable kind of thing. Didn't stick out to me at all.

Well, I probably repeated myself a lot here, but that's my review. That's just what I think.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
2/10 characters
6/10 overall
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