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NeonTextbooks May 31, 2009

Hurray! Same interests!

Sora...'tis a nice name. Sky, and all that.

I think...if I was born in Japan, my name would be, like...Nagisa or something. I forget what it means, but I like the sound of it.

Anyway, congratulations on...becoming a site member. And having more comments from different people than me. *shakes fist*

Hehheh, anyway...I'm on to DS-playing.

Whyte May 31, 2009

Hai! I just joined too O= and I'm running all over this site looking for new anime to add to my stats and new people to comment! It's beyond retarded. So hai =D

kitsune15 May 31, 2009

Cool, and me to I think its a good site I have alot of anime to look up cuz I have watched so many and I dont remember all the name so nice talking to ya and good luck! =^.^=

kitsune15 May 31, 2009

Welcome I just joined also I like it so far I hope you do to! :)

NeonTextbooks May 31, 2009

That's an...interesting name.

Would you, by any chance, be referring to the Sora of Kingdom Hearts...or a different Sora?