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mmmuffin Jun 7, 2009

Yeah I watch a lot of Key.

Have you seen Skip Beat! ? Or heard of it, at all? You probably have, looking at your profile. I dont know.  Its pretty good, a new season is coming out soon, *pokes profile*. It is about a girl named Mogami who is best friend to Japan's biggest pop star, Sho. He betrays her, and shes set out for revenge. She (forceably) joins a company that she's sure will take her to the top so she can get her revenge on Sho.

My friend is obsessed with FMA. And i've gotten several reccomedations from it today. I'll have to watch it as soon as I get done with Chobits (another very good anime)

dreaminstereo Jun 7, 2009

Ah, so we do! Clearly we have good taste XD

I've been meaning to check out the rest of your list, actually, especially Tsubasa Chronicle. My friend recommended it to me a while ago but I was watching tons of stuff already and forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me!

mmmuffin Jun 7, 2009

Thankyouforthewelcome. Haruhi is by far my...third favorite anime. Nothing can top Death Note and Clannad.



 I'm interested in anyone who likes Haruhi.

NeonTextbooks Jun 1, 2009

Aha, that makes sense...I think. I thought "nagi" meant something like "water" or...something. I don't know.

I'm not really a fan of yuri, either. Actually, if I had to watch a girlxgirl anime, I'd choose one that was more...shoujo-ai. Y'know?

I was reading this manga that I thought looked really cool...and...

There are almost no female characters. And...mostly everyone's in love. My non-manga-reader friend was reading behind my back and...her reaction was hilarious.

FuzionZero May 31, 2009

Thanks for the greeting. Agreed. This site is like... the dark side of anime. It tries to suck you into all the anime. I go to anime pages to check off Watched/Watching/Etc then THERES A RECOMMENDED SECTION and I'm like "Hmm... I'll watch this... and this.. and this. and this. this. this this. thisthisthisthistihisthisthis!" Hahahaha!