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mmmuffin Jun 7, 2009

No, our school has been out for weeks. I just decided to have it be tomorrow, because I think Mondays are a good day to start things, and that most of the schools in our area are out that day...

But reccomendations, if I havn't asked enought already?

mmmuffin Jun 7, 2009

Summer is the best time for a anime-watching-rampage. Acctualy, mine unofficialy starts tommorrow... I'm trying to get a list up.

Skip beat is good. Its popular among my newborn anime lover friends.

dreaminstereo Jun 7, 2009

Most definitely. Every anime I've watched has been totally different to anything else, even in the same genre. It's great because it means you get a different experience with each show. It is quite fun recognising the stereotypes in each show though... especially in shows that totally make fun of those XD

mmmuffin Jun 7, 2009

Its good, but the animation could be better. It looks ultra-90's, but I don't know when it was made...

Skip Beat! Is a good starter anime, for me anyway. i know it could be better, but I love it bunches.

dreaminstereo Jun 7, 2009

Ahh, D.Gray-Man is EPIC. Seriously, 103 episodes... it took me a long time to get through that. It's excellent though, and Allen Walker is one of my top 5 anime characters of all time ^^

Awesome, I'll make it my next one to watch! My my, that list is getting longer and longer...