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Suzuna Jun 19, 2009

I love your profile and looks like we like the same thingss and agree on most. Like Pretear I loved that show and noticed it didn't get the attention it deserves.. FMA was going to be my first on the list until I watched Code Geass.. I can't decide which is my fav but that one really took me. As for Tsubasa I haven't seen the second season yet but in the first season I loved it its as clost to the top as FMA and Code Geass.. I love to watch anime that has my favorite voice actors like Vic and Chris Sabot.. they are so awesome oh and don't forget Greg Ayers too I love his voice. And So far I'm only on the 9th ep of Host club and it does keep me laughing I love that show too.. Again i love how you set up your profile it Rocks!! And I'd love to get the soundtrack how did you find it?

Bound Jun 15, 2009

Sweet Profile and Reccomendations, ill have to check out this Ouran High School Host club, see if i enjoy it :)

dreaminstereo Jun 11, 2009

I don't know, I think if you were watching it with virgin eyes, it would be a little more subtle, but because the basic framework of the plot is there from the older anime, you expect what's going to happen. I thought the first episode that they made especially for it was fantastic though. I'm not very far into the manga at all - I've only got the first two volumes. At least the surprise won't be ruined for me once it gets past a load of the older anime stuff!

dreaminstereo Jun 10, 2009

Really?! That's awesome! I'll probably have to wait another six months (it takes forever for anything to come to the UK!) but it'll be worth it. XD I love the chibi one, it's so funny!

How are you finding Brotherhood so far? I like it, and I appreciate that they're sticking closer to the manga, but at the moment, it's pretty much the same. I can't wait til they get a bit more into it.

dreaminstereo Jun 10, 2009

Yeah, definitely! Like, I can't see any film recreating the odd balance of genres that say, Elfen Lied does (it's an odd combination of horror, sci-fi, harem, comedy, ecchi and more, I don't know how it works) without totally messing it up. Remarkable really!