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Well hello there.

There isn't really much to add, my daily life consist of full time work that I'm not particularly "intrigued" with so to say, but It pays the bills and gives me enough time to work on my own study in pursuit of better future.

There are many decisions in life that we have to make that aren't really what we wish for, but you have to keep moving forward and always try to think positively, nothing helps more then a good friend, especially the one you can talk to about anything, especially my biggest hobby: Anime!After all, that's one of the reasons I'm here.

Life is good, no matter how hard it seems as long as you think positively and have an open mind. At that point things always work out.

Well, enough of my mumbo-jumbo talk, it's good to be here.

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Sheex Feb 4, 2008

Thanks for the feedback!

What would you say my misconceptions were, though?

Sokol Feb 4, 2008

It's February already!

Time goes by way to quick after New Year. So many things to do.

Now then, I have been quite busy with work and not as much time for Anime as I'd like to spend on it, but recently I came across "AD Police". An oldie from 1999.

This is definitely an older generation title, but nevertheless it kept my Sci-Fi interest for the last five episodes. 

I'll be seeing new work opportunity by Summer and quite frankly definitely looking forward to it, even though it will require few months of study. Then again, it's necessary.

All is well as much as it can be. :) 

Sokol Dec 30, 2007

Thanks Lolo, have a wonderful and Happy New Year as well. ^_^

Lolo Dec 30, 2007

I haven't seen Ah My Goddess yet...I will tho! Have a sappy new year friend hope it is fabulous!

Sokol Dec 24, 2007

Greetings wolf,The avatar is from my favourite anime genre Ghost In The Shell: S.A.C 1,2.