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Hello to you aaaaaalll!!!I am a huuuuge fan of anime and i really can't get enough of them!<:)

Ι want to watch them all if possible;)

Ηello to all animeholics out there!!!

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HikaruTenshi Apr 25, 2010

Hmmm.. you gave me a toughie. ^_^ Since I haven't watched many in that genre.. however, I do know of some that I hear are good and that I would want to watch. So I will recommend what I would want to watch the most if I were looking for that genre and what I hear is good.

Listed in Order of Closest Match [Parenthesis mean what I picked it for and brackets mean that it's similar to what you are looking for.]:

Kare Kano (Comedy, Romance, [School Life])

Clannad (Romance, Comedy, [School Life])

Lovely Complex (Comedy, Romance, [School Life])

Please Teacher (Romance, [School Life])

Ah! My Goddess (Comedy, Romance)

Kodomo no Omocha (Slice of Life, Comedy, Slice of Life.)

Manabe Straight! (Slice of Life, Comedy.)

Special A (Comedy, Romance.)

Ai Yori Aoshi (Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance.)

Hatsukoi Limited (Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance)

Rec (Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance.)

Rosario to Vampire (Comedy, [Harem, School Life])

Kimikiss Pure Rouge

Wallflower (Comedy, [Reverse Harem, School Life])

Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! (Comedy, Romance, [school life].)

I hope I did okay and was helpful. ^_^


chinesegirl524 Apr 25, 2010

i love your avatar! :]

HikaruTenshi Apr 24, 2010

You are welcome. ^_^

I am glad I was able to help.


HikaruTenshi Apr 24, 2010

There is One Piece which is very similar to Fairy Tail.

Inuyasha is a good show.

Hitman Reborn.


I haven't seen Pandora Hearts yet, but I hear it's similar to FMA.

HunterXHunter is a really good one.

Rave Master.

Yu yu Hakusho.

And these two which are similar but I always recommend:

Kino's Journey.

King of Bandit Jing.

If ya need anymore help, let me know and I will try to help.


HikaruTenshi Nov 9, 2009

Thank you very much. ^^