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  • Which anime character would you date in real life?

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Which anime character would you date in real life?


I was just wondering,after a certain amount of anime that i have watched,who would be the best character to date in real life:P

I think i would go out with Gray from Fairy Tail or Ryu from Kimi ni Todoke.  They seem to be more low profile than the others, not talking 2 much but prefer acting instead and generally having an attitude that i really find charming!

Plus i do have a tendancy to prefer mostly the black-haired characters but i really don't know why:)

How about you?Who whould u prefer dating, and why?

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dnerchick avatar dnerchick
May 6, 2014

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chinesegirl524 avatar chinesegirl524
Jun 5, 2010

As of now, I would want to date Shota Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke, or Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club.

Kazehaya is sweet, kind, open, and accepting of everyone and anyone from every background. He doesn't judge and really is the ideal kind of guy to me. 

Tamaki is fun-loving, outgoing, careless, insane, yet he knows when to stop joking and act serious. He doesn't judge as well, and is always considerate for others and their well-being. 


BlackVoid avatar BlackVoid
Jun 2, 2010

This is a pretty interesting question. You should definently post this on the forum if you have an account.

I would definently date Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara. As a teen, obviously. She's cool, cute, friendly, and just overall a really likeable person.

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