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emmazing Jul 6, 2012

But last week IS ages ago! Oh, so you read it! Pshh. Nah, I didn't delete it, somehow it mysteriously evaporated into the cyber-sphere. I wonder where it is now...

NOPE. I'm pretty sure it was a pretty long essay. I only posted that one line because I was too preoccupied to do any more. HMPH. It was sort of a staller! NO. That was sadder than me. ;_; And aanyway, you ceased to go on msn for ages with no notice!! We have thug lives. 

WHY THANK YOU. I'LL BE THERE TO SPICE IT UP ANYTIME. I know, I wish to be a bartender one day. A famous one. Of course it was a good job. I don't need no praise. 

It was a divine sculpture, as  Allah himself bestowed his mighty hand in the art of craft! Maybe we should be professional lolly sculpters instead. Our future prospects are endless!! 

I know! We all have our inner Shakespeare. Unfortunately I am right now not in the mood for archaisms, but rest assured; it's time to re-emerge from the depths of my soul is surely fast approaching! After all, our souls come in multitudes. 

FINE. I'm just unhappy that I was too unimportant to get a cameo in the last episode. At least my favourite shirt appeared, but that's not me, it's a shirt, therefore it is an unsatisfactory substitute. True, true. Yeah, they must've been like hmm, we have no time to go over assassin, let's just kill him suupa quick and hope that everyone forgets about him!!! Ohoho. Poor unloved, unshown, unsaintly being. His life was insignificant even in the virtual universe; a poor soul whose existance bore no meaning and left without so much as a nod of recognition by the apathetic world. Much like us. Perhaps he is secretly the most tragic character. One whose strong symbolism touches us with it's deep complexity of establishment and portrayal. Amen. 

YES! I AM SOO DISAPPOINTED!! WE MUST. TAKE. A. TRIP THERE!!! SOON! IMMEDIATELY!! OMG. WHAT IF IT GOT TAKEN DOWN?!?! I MEAN, IT'S PRETTY FAB, SO IT COULD'VE GOTTEN TO FAB FOR THE CLASS AND TRANSFERRED TO THE ROOF OF HER ROOM?!? Hmm. Good question! I rather think it's a fusion of all three. Perhaps a little more of badass shinji. Oh! Heavens, I made a blunder! Although shinji does have some feminine aspects, such as suffering from acute endomentriosis, (and so one could consider it as crossdressing), what I really meant to say was cosplaying!

...? Haha, I can't seem to work out what we're talking about here. Sorry if it was important!! But since I want to make this long I write a little quarter-assed awful attempt at some fanfiction. About shinji cosplaying as waver. 

...He approached it tentatively. It was an object that was first a fleeting encounter, yet nevertheless an inescapable one; illuminated under the corner streetlamp as if a sign of fate. Today was different. The thing, sprawling over the spidery fingers that he'd pride himself on, was now his. Lovingly, he caressed the black bob that was so much like his own. He then donned it like a hat made only for him. From his lips he muttered about it's fabulousness almost unconsciously. It's perfect... perfect! Stepping back, he admired his reflection on the glass window outside Kurosaki's house. A mossy green cardican, smart tie, suit trousers that hugged his pendulumesque lower limbs. Now he could finally be at one with Waver-- his soul overflowed with joy!


Nahw, sabo! CUTE. I still miss sabo. ENDURE IT!!! Oh, perhaps I see? Perhaps? Yupyup. Hmm. I finally got around to watching some new season stuff but a lot of it is pretty eggghhh. I may give taritari the three episode rule and arcana familigia will probably get a two episode rule and then a stalking of discussions so that I can decide whether it is worthy of my time. It amuses me because there is a GILBERT CLONE. LOL. 

UMM. I THINK SO?! YEAH. It wasn't very attractive indeed! It gave be a good chuckle though. Or perhaps a guffaw. But still, lulu's not-very-attractive state is still vastly superior to the attractivity of the general masses anyway, so I'm not complainin' bro. 

...wait a minute, I actually do not know what we're talking about here! Haha! For reals this time. Not that last time was fake, because I actually didn't know what we were talking about then as well, obviously! I daresay what is an unlikely outcome?

Sheesh! At least thirty minutes must have passed during the course of this post! Yes! My hands are rather chilled today too! Twas not tooooo cold! I am proud to say that I am cultivating an imperviousness to low temperatures. I can thank intermediate for sparking this fire inside me, by forcing us to wear shorts and a t-shirt - even in winter!! Although yes, I do dislike it when my hands are cold, because they get all lazy and sleepy and I can't do anything with them, much less use my phone! OMG, I hope it snows this year!!! Aww, it wasn't snowing down in chch. I was sad. I have still yet to experience natural falling snow, not counting the pseudo-snow here last year! Although that was a magical sight to behold. Kind of like a wish come true. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. Yesyes, it is a difficult endeavour, but by conquring this duty one must surely evolve into a better person! (maybe?) Tabs are the miracle of this universe, what would I do without them? They are so handy. Yes! I'm glad that you're catching my drift. Yesyes, a kind of overembellishment, decorated with protentious prose that, although may hold a kind of poetic overtone if you're particularly inclined, is only fleetingly thought about and so may not really hold that much significance despite the plethora of worlds used to describe it! Of course we must embrace it! Ahh, I feel a sense of accomplishment coming as I near the conclusion. 

Oh, you have to appear online to talk? Haha. Oh right, that yucky little popuppy thing. Haha, but I'm never online. I just use that email function to talk to people on fb. It could be a possibility though, acclimatising into the mainstream. Okok! Haha gmail chat. This will be interesting. AW, sad. LOL, I find it amusing that you gave her THAT email, you grooving sister. Oh yeah, I remember that. Haha. Yeaah, skype is kind of annoying as well, and it takes ages to sign in and everything, y'know? Golly, I've had msn for ages! Hmm, I think since year 6 or 7. So that's... only sevenish years, haha. BUT THAT'S STILL A LONG TIME. I remember when I used to talk to random internet buddies on it. lol. A creepy notion it is! Hmm, yes yes, me too. Although it's sole purpose is simply an effective means of communication, so there's nothing really to outgrow but your long history of usage. And it's atmosphere. 

It is a divine picture! I want it. You should send it to me, haha. I miss gin. D:

HA, THIS POST WAS WELL OVER THIRTY MINUTES, WHY DID I SPEND SO LONG ON IT? WELL, HOPEFULLY THIS MAKES UP FOR THE PSEUDO-DELAY ON MY PART, ALTHOUGH SURELY THE WAIT WAS NOT THAT LONG? I'm also feeling rather tired today, as I am every day recently, maybe I need to invest in some daily caffine. That stuff never works for me though, I just get a headache and after the headache I get hopelessly tired so that really defeats the purpose, doesn't it. 

emmazing Jun 29, 2012

HEY MAN. I REPLIED AAAGES AGO! Bro! Except it was only a line or so.

I did not! I'm pritz sure that was still you bro. You even logged in and didn't reply! Not cool. It made me sad. ;_;

OH! SO YOU NOTICED! Yeah, I improved the punch quite a bit, didn't I?! Wasn't it tasty? My sip added a eloquent deepness to the sharp pangs of citrus, right!? And yes! I'm proud of our lollies. Too bad we didn't take a photo of the finished product in all its glory before some randoms picked them up to eat. D:

All them feels. Sometimes its just so difficult to hold it back, y'know?! So then you just want to break out into it. But then my archaic proficiency is rather low, unfortunately, so I'm a little hesitant. Curses.

HA. YOU WERE PRETTY. MAYBE FABULOUS WITH AN M. BUT YOU STILL NEEDED THAT AX FACTOR BRO. Okok. Pretty fab. But you seemed to be too hip for clothes and I DISLIKE HIPSTERS. YES I WAS! I APPRECIATED IT!!! And my fave t-shirt had a cameo, that put a smile on my face. Ha, he was! BUT NOT AS FORGOTTEN AS ASSASSIN. Who was he? LOL. DID THEY EVEN GO OVER HIS HEROIC SPIRIT? I don't remember. But my fave duo is still team KOOORU. 4 lyfee!!

WHAAAAAAT YOU STILL HAVENT SEEN IT?! THIS PROPOSTROUSNESS ASTOUNDS ME. YOU'RE MISSING OUT. YOU'RE MISSING OUT SO MUCH!!! He's like, waver and shinji compined. One could interpret it as shinji crossdressing as waver!! lost me. I don't know what you're talking about here :/ did you get the wrong person?? (Haha, LOL, EVEN CAPE JOINED IN AT ONE POINT. LOL)

Ohohoho a person called sao! Nono not reaaally. But the art for the novels was COOL and for the anime they dumbed it down so much into that sort of kyo-ani style so that the protagonist looks more like shotacon bait or something. SO SAD. BUT I WILL ENDURE AND STILL WATCH IT. Even though I haven't read it at all either ohohoo

Weeeeell, it wasn't reaaaaally douchy. It just looked quite amusing! OF COURSE YOU REMEMBER IT!! It's the one right at the end of the opening for the last episode of the first opening, with his hands covering his eye and lookn' rather like a posah.

OH. FINE THEN. Amen too brothah. Let the guardian angels of art hold peace for the future brothahh. 

Oh, I do agree! Hear, hear! Although this has taken me around ten or so minutes to write, because my hands are pretty cold!! And y'know it's pretty hard to keep track of all these separate little sub conversations and reply to them all at once!! But it makes me feel productive, and feeling productive is a good feeling indeed! And yesyes, it is liberating! I feel quite free when I type in that sort of purposely-lengthening stalling type style of writing, you know? I used to do it quite often in my essays in the past, but now that's just silly so I don't do it anymore! But here I just let loose! It's GREAT!

Hmmhmmm. Gmail chat?! Oh. Kaya wanted to get me onto that last year. Could try it. I miss your old email already. Bye bye, you groovy sister. Your groove was just too move (ing) bro. LOL SKYPE. I like msn though. But I don't want to waste my life on it either. 

Ah! And your phone background is gin?! NAHW~! I want to see the image.  


emmazing Jun 29, 2012

I beat you square for the longest post bro. 

Yeah, I was guttered that they didn't have sandwitches! So instead, I took a secretive sip out of all the punch glasses, just discreetly, because I was the first person to enter the ballroom... well, that's what I should've done, anyway.

I DON'T KNOW. It was a spur-of-the-moment desire!

Oh ok. You were pretty fab. I didn't even get a cameo. Disappointing. Because, I mean, I AM important... I think... YEAH. HEY. BY THE WAY. HAVE YOU SEEN THE MINDBLOWING POSTER OF WAVER IN A BLOCK YET?!

It was entertaining! Oh yes, indeed! Haven't they already seen all those though? Hmm. I don't even remember what we're talking about here anymore. Some show beginning with an H??? With an amusing opening that we sang quite often? Naw, I don't think we memorised the song or anything, no way!!!!

Sword Art Online. Except everyone looks SO DERPY. Which is SAD, because the original art was cool. HMMMPHHH. 

AND YES, yes I am. Hmph. I think I replied to everything that time. That was hard! But all in a day's work.


emmazing Jun 12, 2012

OH YEAH, I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THE WIG!! And a comb, don't forget! I think camille should just bring some underwear and wear them on her head. heh. What do I need? Cockroach spray? EW. LOL. And maybe I should bring a couple cockroaches to kill, too.

What? Those girls are simply at one with their inner animus. Don't dis. At least they aren't moeblobs... (They do annoy me terribly! What has the world come to?)

LOOOL. I don't think it being rather late - what was it, 1am? - helped all that much either!! I know, you just musn't! It's a sin. If thou shant repent, thou be'st condemned to the deepest purgatory. (Yeah, my archaic is terrible. Haha!)

TRUE. NO! RIDER IS NOT FABULOUS! Rider is a testosterone-filled alpha king of alpha males! But true. My man balances your femininty. Okay, I am okay with it. Trudat. And I get an additional Waver that is in my army of alpha males. Although he isn't one. Dunno how he got there. He's my little special exception!! I AM GLAD THAT IT WAS NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAICE!!!!!!

Uh, duh, I mean, were we ever not going to? >.> Oh crap, we still have to show the first season! Maybe we should hold additional meetings in the holidays and in the weekends so that we can all be up to date with it by the time the second season airs. WHAT? HUH? I KNOW! MOYASHIMON WAS FABULOUS! I enjoy what you did there. Hey hey, it wasn't that bad! I mean, large microbes are cute!!! And educational!

Ughhh yeah. 10.8 HOURS. Hmm! Interesting! That means that on the plane to Japan, you would be able to marathon a whole 26 season anime before you land!!! OMG. Why did I not do that?!?!?! Ah yeah, there's a ko and a... what's his name again? Tohru! Aw, but no one could ever replace ko. I liked his hair. Those guys have boring hair. And I bet they'll have a little affair, and then one of them will leave, and they won't be reunited until THE LAST EPISODE. AGAIN. BUT THEY'LL INCLUDE A FANTASTIC EP AROUND THE MIDDLE JUST TO REVIVE THOSE DWINDLING HOPES.

Egh. Well anyway, I'm all for SAO. Although they made such a fabulous mc such a terrible shotacon moeblob. Sigh.

Me too! It doesn't look interesting! And the mc looks like the douche. Awww I knoow! But every appearence will be dear to my heart!!! (If he does appear... D:) Hahhaha, that reminds me of lulu's intense douche pic in the funky opening that aired only for one episode.

Ehuehue. yes I did just delete the first post because of a fatal flaw.