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Stellvia, Full Metal Panic! and Peach Girl

13 NOV

Well, after I finished "Gunparade March" I started of with "Stellvia" and "Full Metal Panic!" with the plan of going really slow on them. I went slow on "Gunparade March" at first but in the end I watched like all at once. "Stellvia" I watshed one episode of and then one episode of "Full Metal Panic!", the day after it was "Full Metal Panic!" for it all. Watched like crazy for some days and that includes "Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu", that took one day to watch, and then "Full Metal Panic! The Sacond Raid".

Now I just finished "Peach Girl" that took about two-three, liked a lot I have to say but from now on I will slowly finish "Stellvia" and then maybe quit. I could watched something else in slow pace but it's always a risk that I fall back in watching almost all my time awake.


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