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Ghost Hunt

Oct 15, 2010

Heart-pumping, extreme, ghost-hunting anime. This anime is rather dark and mysterious. It starts off as three young girls are telling scary stories in the middle of a dark classroom, after school one day. But for one of them, Mia, it turns into a real career opening when a strange young man walks in. After giving them a scare he asks to join them in their next meeting. And then one weird thing happens after another, and Mia finds herself working, for the young man as his temoprary assistant as a ghost hunter; seeing how it was her fault that his own assistant couldn't help much, due to an injury he received while saving Mia from a falling bookcase. During thier first case there are four other specialists brought in to help solve this ghost-haunt. And also during the first case Mai awakens to certian abilities she never knew she had. So she too has a place on this ghost hunting team of experts. 

The only thing I can say that I was not all too satisfied with, was the sound. It really was not that scary. I'll admit that there were a few jumps but it could have been even more scary then it was. I also had a problem with the opening. I don't think the opening music was very good or scary for this piece at all. I was expecting something just a little more dark and scary for the theme. But then again thats just me.

There are, at most four episodes for one case, but can be as short as two. Each case is done in a certain way and time. Like say, one case might take place in spring while the next might be in winter. So, not a good idea ta jump around to much between episodes. Some episodes are cute and romanic while others are filled with uncertinty and horror. Those rare horror filled episodes are great for a halloween scare. This anime can really make your heart skip a few times, or sigh in the amazment of it. I really enjoyed it. *Grins wickidly.

I started watching this anime because, I really wanted to watch ghost videos. I thought about it a while... and finally I wondered if they had any good anime on the subject of ghosts. It was only after starting the first episode that I found out one of my favorite voice actors, no wait several of my favorite voice actor had parts in this anime. I was intrigued from the beginning. I had my brother watch the first few minutes of it with me, and he told that I wasn't allowed to continue without him. I really like the very last case. It was creepy and just what I needed. But it only left me half full, and saying now I want more! Thats one way you know its a good anime. I hope this Review will bring others to watch this extremly thrilling anime. And if doesn't, I thank you for reading all the way through, and maybe stopping to write a comment before leaving.  

Happy Halloween...   

10/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.2/10 overall
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