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Mobile Suit Gundam 00

14 OCT

Intense, adrenaline-pumping, action-pacted, tragic, head-spinning, five words that may truly describe this anime. I have to say that this one really impressed me. It was your typical Death Note, only they used machines in place of a notebook. Oh and not only do they have the some similar qualities but also the person who voices Light in Death Note, voices in Gundam 00. 

The story line couldn't be any better, and you can't really change the characters. They used people who truly wanted to change the world at the cost of their own lives. I must say that I did cry. It was a heart-breaking ending (the song Love Today, really added to the last episode). Each episode has a story line of its own, and different missions. They all tie together, so I wouldn't recommend that you skip much. You might find that you missed something. It takes a lot of courage to go after an impossible goal, and even though this is just an anime, it does still hold a lot of truth to it. Who is the real bad guy in this anime? Is it Ali AL-SAACHEZ? Or maybe its war itself... But over all this anime really does hold a high score from me. Not because I'm a real fan of violence, but more of because I would watch this anime again given a chance. When I watch it again it'll be in Japanese.  

I started this anime only because the name had caught my eye, on a day I was hunting for something to watch. After watching the first episode with me everyone spread out to do their own thing. I had gotten to episode 4 that night [funny thing, my sister did too]. I stopped watching it for a while after that because waiting for the episodes to load took up so much time! I had other things I had to do and lost interest. About 5 days ago or so, I picked it up again. And now I'm starting on season 2. But really the first few episodes, even the ending, can just blow you away...

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