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Aug 30, 2010

Talking about Whistle! I could go on and on about how good it is. Thinking about it now I really don't have anything bad to say about this series excpet that I think it should have gone on longer! (but even thats not a bad thing to say. All the good ones should go on forever.) I really enjoyed it. This series is one I can read over and over and never get bord. Some might say it wasn't as good as the anime, but to me it was BETTER! I tried watching the anime and couldn't get through the fact that they messed a certain fact up and that ruined the rest of the series for me. But I really enjoyed the manga a lot and I'm still working on buying them all (since I don't own them myself).

I just love the way Sho fights and never gives up! It was a great ending and even though I think it shouldn't have ever ended. I'm really glad Sho got back onto the soccer field after his injury took him off. Then nothing could hold him back. He really is an amazing character. I love the way his spirit fired everyone else up. The story really got better as in each volume Sho grew a little, and it wasn't just Sho, but everyone. Sho really has this amazing gift to bring out the best in everyone. By never giving up he gives everyone fire, rather on his team or not.

This manga was really intense and left me bewildered in the end. I'm glad that I decied to bring in the new year reading this series because it really does make you never want to stop fighting. So anyway thats just how I feel about it. If this review makes you want to read it even a little than I'm glad. But I'm not going to stop rereading it no matter what.

"If your opponent is a superior player... you need to polish what your best at then use it in the fight." ~Ko~ Whistle! vol. 1~ I have a lot of favorite quotes from this manga but in the first volume this has to be the best! Thanks for reading. *smile, smile*

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10/10 overall
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Garylikesmanga Nov 19, 2010

I'm only on volume 9 with it, but I agree that it is something special. I don't normally like Shounen, as it often follows an arrogant character that is better than anyone else with no effort, or whatever. With Whistle!, you get a character that is always working at being better, and while he isn't necessarily the best due to his height, or lack thereof, he fights harder than everyone else, and his sheer determination (might I even say, obsession?) usually sees him through. So, basically it is fun to read, without me feeling like it is impossible. Yet, it has that shounen appeal of wondering how the character will come out of a difficult problem.

In conclusion, I don't think your review is over exhaggerating. XD I wouldn't give it as high, as I like deeper stuff (though you can read into this all you want), but I don't see any major flaw with the manga.