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Dec 31, 2012

Let me just say that I've never been a very big fan of skiing...(I'm more of a soccer/track girl. As strange it may seem though, I have a little more respect for Ski Jumping now) and when I started reading this manga I was welcomed into a different sort of world. Perhaps that's why, despite everything that really annoyed me about this manga, I kept reading it. I must say though that I've read better sports manga and way better gender benders. Anyhow once I started reading it, some of the art work was... well I'll get more into that later.

One more thing though before you start reading: BE CAUTIOUS. THERE MAY BE SPOILERS. (I try not to add anything, but sometimes it can be really hard o.o)

Now to get started on my review of Nononono: (I had to laugh when I saw that title myself)

Story: I give the story a solid 8 because... well it was a quiet intriguing story line, and there was just something about it that was over-powering. 

It's about a girl who really loves Ski Jumping. Her father was an Olympic participant. And almost managed to grasp the gold metal, when he fell. So this girl -Nono- want's to win the gold metal for her father. But she can't, even though she has so much talent, and loves to ski, simply because she's a girl. She has a twin brother... who has almost zero-talent on the ski jumping... and well Nono consumes his identity. 

One thing I really disliked about the story line... was that there were some parts that had been repeated throughout the volumes about character pasts. Don't get me wrong... I really like that the author went into such lengths to tell about each characters history. But it really only needs to be told once... and it really didn't need to be several chapters long. I do not understand why there was that scene with the human sacrifices that was told just as a student was jumping at Inter High. And then he had to explain it all over again to Nono. (Perhaps it was just me... but sometimes I really wanted to say TMI dude... do we really need to know all of this, and stop reading... but that didn't last long when I did)

Art: I give the art work a... 2.2. It wasn't as good as I've seen.

And let me just say there wasn't a singel guy in the whole manga that looked even remotely attractive. Perhaps it was thier teeth, the constant blood drips across the eyes, the offal hair, and thier extremely dark beast-like nature. In any case, the only attractive guy in the whole manga was the girl -Nono- pretending to be a guy. Actually all of the girl's in this manga were quite attractive. I think though one thing that threw me off was the few recycled scenes in the last couple of volumes. 

Characters: Okay I give the characters a... 3.5, which is only a slightly higher rating than the art, although most of them really annoyed me. 

Each character had thier up and down points. Nono, I really liked that she had such a strong love for Ski Jumping. But her constant dressing up in girl's clothing whenever she could, got a little annoying, and perhaps she deserved to be caught by the perverted coach, and Kishitani.

In any case the perverted coach I hated to no end. At first I felt sorry for him, but that little emotion was squshed by his terrible, terrible personality.

Another character that I really did not get a long with well was, Kishitani... He was great at first, but once discovered Yuuta's secret in my mind he was a dumb-*ss. If Nono/Yuuta was doing really well for herself before hand... what made him think she needed a knight in shinning armor? (Although later it was obivously so) And he did simmer down in the last few volumes.

Oh... and then we get into Shuryia(I'm absolutely sure that I spelt his name wrong) AKA: The Emperor... who is not only a pervert, but also a very violent person, except when it comes to the fairer sex, in that case he's just a really big pervert. And I'm sure that of all the characters in this manga -besides Nono- he was the most interesting. And he looked a lot better without the afro.  

Over all: I give it a... 3.2. It just wasn't that good. The absolute best part about it was that it was about a sport and a gender bender. I probably would have enjoyed it a little more if the author had made a whole chapter decated to an interview with Nono after recieving a gold metal in the Olympics. Needless to say; Nononono is not going my top five favorite manga list.

Well thanks for reading this. And remember these are just my reasons for why I will probably never read this manga again, despite hardly being able to stop reading it the first time. Thank you again for taking your time to read this. And I hope you have a spectaular day!

8/10 story
2.2/10 art
3.5/10 characters
3.2/10 overall
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