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Story: As the story goes... Yamada has this goal(daydream, whatever you want to call it), that she'll have sex with over a hundred boys by the end of her highschool years. Of course she's still a virgin, and the only boy she doesn't feel intimated by is also a virgin.

Animation: Onto the animation, I guess. I thought it was okay. I mean, it wasn't hard to watch. There wasn't really much wrong with it as far as I could tell.  

Sound: Ah, sound. Now that's still a bit of tricky one for me. I'm still not sure about sound. It sounded fine to me... but it's not really all that memerable. 

Characters: Characters... Now this I believe is probably the worst part of the anime. You have the main character, Yammada, who is extremely obsessed with sleeping with 100 guys by the end of highschool. But she's still a virgin. Honestly this sounds more like a overused male sex fantasy. Plus once she meets Takashi and becomes stalking him.

Overall: Overall I give this anime a 3.4/10.

Do you ever wake up and wonder why you ever rated an anime so high? And go, oh god... what was I thinking? That's what happened to me with this anime. The rating I give it now is actaullly a very generous one. (pictures to be added later)

Thanks for reading! Have a spactacular day!

3/10 story
6/10 animation
?/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.4/10 overall
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