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Dec 13, 2012

I really love this anime. Both the Japanese and English voice actors did an amazing job. 

The Story: The story line was very realistic and engaging. While there may have been some over the top at times, the thing the story line kept going back to was family and friends and it as beautiful! I also love that you can watch just about any episode without ever losing the plot, because it comes up in each one in some form or another.

The Animation: It wasn't too hard on your eyes. The animation was... well it was perfect! It was beautiful. The animation reminded me of a few other anime that I've seen in the past. 

The Sound: I just love the sound for this anime! It's peaceful, extremely beautiful, and soft. The soundtrack is one of the most moving ones I've ever heard.

The Characters: They were very complete as far as characters go. And in each episode you learn a little more about the background of each one. I love all of the women in this anime. They're all so amazing, strong, smart, and beauitful! They all made me smile. And I love the way Sunohara was pretty much always being beat up by them.

In this anime Nagisa was the real heart and Tomoya was... well he was the spirit! Without the heart, the spirit couldn't work as hard as he did. He did all he could for the heart. And the heart worked harder to keep the spirit up! At lease that's the way I see it.

Nagisa was the center of the anime. Without her, Tomoya never would have gathered everyone together. And with Tomoya Nagisa never would have shown so brightly. They were the absolute center and brought out the best team work throughout the whole anime as they met many new characters, and faced many different situations.  

I loved Tomoya's character. He's a funny guy, who's very kind and generous. He stops whatever he's doing to help someone else out. And even though he's constantly telling everyone how he's a delinguent, he's better side still shines through when one of his friends is in trouble, or just in need of his assistance.

I love Nagisa's Character. She's a little shy, (okay maybe not just a little shy but still...) She's kind and always considerate of others. She's well mannered and wants to help whenever she can. Her dream was to become a member of the drama club, but after decovering that it had been closed... her dream then changed to wanting to start it up again. Nagisa isn't carefree... and she can be very emtional, but she does her best and won't settle for being lazy or taking easy ways out. As far as strengths go... Nagisa is probably the one of the strongest characters in this anime. ;)

I love all of the characters voices! They fit just perfectly with each one's personality. XP 

Over All:  This is a well rounded and enchanting anime. I can't rate it any less than 10/10. I loved every aspect about this anime. All the characters, thier personalities. The situations that each person found themselves in. This is a really amazing and beautiful anime! But don't take my word for it. Go. Watch it yourself and then write your own review. 

(Pictures coming soon!)

Thanks for reading this. And have a spectacular day!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Soccerlove180 Dec 13, 2012

Okay... so this isn't the most professional Review. But please bear with it.