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Well, at first I wanna appologice for future mistakes in gramma and perhaps even spelling. As you might see I am a German and Pisa profed, that our school system is worse than that of some third-world-countries :-P

Now, talking about myself, there isn't to much to say. At the moment I study at the university BWL (no idea what that would be called in englisch, but it is about how to manage anything from a shop to a whole company) and take a lot of time for watching my dear Animes.

As you might see in my favorite Genres-list I prefer Animes which are Ecchi, revolve around Harem and to top it of have a setting in a Fantasy world *or are at last not bound to reality to much*.

I love good entertainment, but only slap-stick is not to my favor. A good plot is nessecary and I am even able to miss fan-service for it. *as an example: Rosary no Vampire has all the elements I love about an Anime, but the plot is missing and you get the feeling the whole Anime is about penty-shots. The Manga is a few hundred times better (of course the panty-shots are not missing), at least than the second season.*

My 'best Animes ever' are:

- Tenchi (I love this whole universe and everything related to it, except for Pretty Sasami)

- Claymore (even if they managed to destroy the end and let me lose my hope they will continue to make an Anime out of the ongoing Manga)

- NGE (yeah I know, the ending sucks, but the story is cool and I love it especialy for the Fan Fictions)

- Ah! My Goddess (the TV version more than the OVAs)

Well there are a lot more, but I think these are my most favorised ones.

As you might have noticed, I do not dislike action and romance is an important thing too. I hope I was able to give an impresion of me by writing this.

Greetings by Snej!

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