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Hello Otaku. Since english is not my native language and i'm pretty new to the anime scene, it's difficult for me to write something interesting. But i'll give it a try.

As a young lad i watched a few episodes of Robotech and it was suprisingly addicting to watch. At that time I wasn't even aware that it was anime. Much later in 1999 i stumbled upon the dvd's of Studio Ghibli and became a fan of Hayao Miyazaki's work. I recognized the art work of the master. When i was eleven years old i watched a tv show Heidi Girl of the Alps and admired the beautiful drawn characters.

In 2006 i started watching Cowboy Bebop and tremendously enjoyed the adventures of the four bounty hunters. Ofcourse i'm not forgetting Ein, the ultracool dog.

Hope u enjoyed this brief introduction. Now i'm off watching anime ;)

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