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I am Tom. I think everyone is a bastard bitch, and like to drink way to much. My drinking partners are the best in the world Rose & Danii. I also love to play on my playstation Way to much! & have a complete pit of a room. I also like anime as well! Manchester United r the best club ever!

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July 8, 2007

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July 31, 2013

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SNAKE110782 avatar SNAKE110782

Great Profile!

Dec 11, 2007

great avatar,  GREY FOX is a great boss in metal gear

sothis avatar sothis


Oct 24, 2007

And just where did you run off to?? :p I wanted something funny to read again ;)

sothis avatar sothis

Great Profile!

Jul 16, 2007

Hahahahahaa... just passing through, and wanted to say this is hilarious and made my morning a little brighter ;) "I think everyone is a bastard bitch". Preach on, brutha!

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