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Greetings all,

Like many residents of Seattle, I work in our burgeoning technology industry. Currently, I'm a product manager for an internet company, but I've held numerous rolls that have included partner management, international marketing, and even analytical positions. In my free time, I keep really active spending probably more time than I'd care to admit at the gym, going out with friends, or pounding through marathon anime sessions.

Beyond that I've been blogging for a while and am the resident anime reviewer on so if you're looking for more stuff by the smugdude definitely give it a look.

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Kastrophee Nov 15, 2007

Great new review (Solty Rie (Sp?)), though you have one typo error,re-read the character section. 

"One thing other thing that should be mentioned is that the key to the character development..."

crysla Jul 30, 2007

Your reviews are quite... pleasing to read, and I'm a picky reader (or I like to think I am). Especially your review of Crest of the Stars which easily represents how I felt about the series.

 Keep up the good work mang, and I'll be looking forward to any new reviews that you make.

Wolfco Jul 29, 2007

Hi!  I just wanted to say that I really think your review of FMP TSR was excellent.  It is one of my favorite series, and I appreciate that you gave it the credit it deserves without trying to suggest it was prefect.  I look forward to more reviews from you when you have time.