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Here it is. My profile in a somewhat condensed version!

I'll condense it more if I can.


For the people who're gonna write about my amazing life someday:

When I was born, my mother was relieved to hear me cry. Nowadays, however, my mom takes it as a sign that something's wrong when I do. Parents were so ecstatic when I learned how to read. Fast forward to the future though, and they won't even let me glance at erotic fanfiction. That pretty much sums up my entire existence.

Moving on.

I have many things I've picked up while living on this earth. One is that, as a female, I am expected to behave as a female should. Problem is, I don't really know how a female should act. The only knowledge I have on the subject is from Martha Stewart's cooking and home shows. And so, as a result, I'm a nuclear accident waiting to happen.

As for my sexuality, I get crushes on both guys and girls. Take from that what you can.

On the subject of Anime:

Most of what I watch are 1-2 cours. I watch 3-4 cours if they don't contain many fillers (rare find that one), and for 5+ cours I avoid like the plague. Unless, you know, it contains copious amounts of Yuri. Only then would I download every single 104+ episodes of it and store backups in my external hard drive. I mostly like anime that is under the categories seen in the "Favorite Genres" section somewhere right there ---->

As a teenaged girl, I always ship couples. Because that's the rule of the world. As for my shipping rule, it's pretty simple: Always the trap before the Tsundere.

I'm here to personally say NOT, under any circumstances, take my anime ratings seriously. I fangirl at every little Moe detail, which affects the score. Unless they're in review form because that's when I take the time to think about rating. KyoAni anime are exceptions though. Because those are awesome, even with pointless plot. See my anime rating thingy down below for a more detailed guide thing. I'm working on my ratings, making it more realistic and such.

Music :

Anything that isn't Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, or any other mainstream teeny American pop shit is good in my book. I'd also like metal if the vocalist would stop screaming every few seconds, making my ears bleed. Unfortunately, this seems to be a central part of metal which I cannot take control of.

For all you WOTA's out there, I like AKB only because of all the possible ships that I can get from them. Tsumugi would be proud.

Games :

Yes, I play eroges. No, it's not creepy. Yes, you should play one. Yes, the ero scenes are necessary. No, you don't have to masturbate on those scenes. People won't judge you.

Other than that, I don't play games too much. I'm already busy enough. You should totes check out Katawa Shoujo though.

Anime Rating thingy:

0.5/5 = Unless you're masochistic, would love to have your brain damaged, or simply like watching stupid, utter crap that should be flushed down toilets for being a disgrace to humanity and Japanese media in general, DO NOT WATCH THIS. I wouldn't watch this if I were drunk. And if I were drunk, that would be illegal, because I'm a minor. Anime rated like this is srs bsns. I do not joke when I rate something 0.5.

1-2.5/5 = If cringing at every second of an anime is your thing, by all means watch this kind of crap. This crap is good crap. Shows under this rating are good in a sense that they're shows that are the cleanest turds in heaping piles of shit. They're still shit, but they're nice shit that entertains you for a small while. Don't expect plots though, you'll just be dissapointed. Those are their weaknessssss.

^ No amount of moe can redeem anime with these ratings.

3-3.5 = Okay, this is where the moe influence comes in. If the plot is somewhat good, quite entertaining, and the characters are moe, I would rate it like this. Pacing issues might be seen, but overall, good for distraction during exams. Plot-wise... it should be good enough.

4-4.5 = These shows are good. Very good. But they are either missing something or I have a problem with the forced drama or the deus ex machina at the end. Expect anime that has Mari Okada's influence be rated like this. Plot-wise, they're really good, but something would always be missing. The story would be nice, but not groundbreaking. Or maybe filler eps. I hate filler eps. I despise filler eps.

5 = You should watch this. Seriously. It may be the large amount of moe or the plot that prompted me to rate it like this, but watch it. Watch it, dammit. You won't be dissapointed. I think. Everyone's mileage is varied.

^ K-On is an exception to all of the above. As a rule, K-On is awesome.

Pretty much it. Any other questions will be answered if asked.

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KevinZero says...

I love your Uchouten Kazoku-Gin no saji comparison~

Feb 7, 2014
Taekwondoin says...

Hahaha, I really wish it was a 2 cour series, 12 episodes is not enough ;_; 

More like an assistant instructor, while the main instructor takes the n00bs through some basic drills, I'll go off with the others and we'll go through some sparring techniques, or I'll get them to work on speed and power. It is a lot of fun and you learn quite a lot from teaching as well as learning. I instruct in a little village right now, seems that most clubs are really struggling to get new members, or hold onto existing ones, so we had to give up the sports hall we had before, it's annoying and a little upsetting to see some people feel so nonchalant about something you feel so passionate about. I'm sure it will pick up again soon though. Will instruct Judo soon!

Ahh, that's pretty cool, I'd love to have seen that much of the world at your age, it's only now that I have a job and can pay for it myself that I've started to actually leave the country. I don't envy you that, though by the time you get there, you won't have much longer than a year right?

I am so angry right now. Can I just kick people then? I do still like Aikido, and if you ever have any free time to read, you should get a book called Angry White Pyjama's by Robert Twigger, it is brilliant. It is? Holy christ there is hope for me yet! That would pretty much be my dream job right there, hurry up and become president so you can make it real. You have my deepest sympathies Skylos, and I hope that you find a way to get through such a tough ordeal.

Fortunately I never watched Chuu2 or Tamako Market, so I don't have to subject myself to second seasons of them, but I can guarantee that we'll see an announcement for Kyoukai no Kanata S2 within the next couple of months, if not, I will rejoice. Rin most certainly was a bitch, that i can agree with, and I think it has a second season planned for summer this year. Dem abs man. Dem. Abs.

Jan 19, 2014
Taekwondoin says...

I will let you off. This time.

Man Ep2 was so good. I loved the first, but the second was better, and confirmed that it wasn't just a fluke. I'm honestly not sure my heart can take in such yuri goodness!

Yep, all 3 times for the same thing, excessive contact. Kickboxing tournaments are usually semi/hard contact, but not full contact, meaning that KO's are not a valid way of winning the fights, and all 3 of those fights I ended up KOing people, 2 with a kick to the head, and one with a spinning backfist. I don't have my own club, but I instruct at Taekwondo, and will be going for my instructors certificate for Judo this year too, so I'm already going through some stuff with people now.

I'm glad it's for work rather than for something more tragic, does this mean that you were only in the Phillipines for the same reason? The US should be good depending on where you go, although as a country it always strikes me as a place you would never want to feel alone in.

Of course you love tea, because tea is justice and the secret to greatness! I also like it as dark as possible, and anyone who puts sugar near my cup would find themselves quickly tied in knots begging for mercy. Yeah, that's what I found, because it actually disadvantaged me when i was one of the biggest guys there. Still a hell of a lot of fun though! So picky Skylos, beauty is beauty, no matter what form it takes. I would totally vote for you then. Kanji and Cyrillic? Well I do not envy you that, surely thats a total number of characters measuring in the thousands? I would probably cry myself to sleep at night if that was me.

They'll do it, this is KyoAni we're talking about, and they'll make a second season of whatever the fuck they want. Look at Chuu2 right now, and Tamako Market later this year. Makoto was best Free, until rei came along, but that does not make Makoto any less awesome. I'll gladly tell all that I love that show, great SoL sports anime.

Jan 19, 2014
Taekwondoin says...

I hope so, for their sake as well as my own.

That's better then, Living out of a hotel does not sound fun in the slightest. Wait for ep2, then back to back them. Then let the yuri goodness wash all over your body...

How could I lose? Fun Fact for you, I have never lost a single competition fight in taekwondo unless I've got myself disqualified, which I have done 3 times now. Yeah I can understand that, I really hope that it's something you can get back into, you never know, in years to come our paths may cross at a competition somewhere if you do! You're moving onto the US afterwards? Oh man, is it too much of me to ask why all the moving around?

Hahaha, yeah, although for me it's usually porridge and tea for my breakfast. They are pretty damn tall, I remember fighting a load of russians at a kickboxing tournament, every single person on that team was at least 3 inches taller than me, even the guys who were 3-4 weight classes below me. Didn't stop me from crackin' skullz and takin' names. But are the women good looking though? We hear rumours over here, and I've seen those pictures of the female russian soldiers, I have been impressed. I think I may have put 2 and 2 together, not sure if I made 4 or 5 though, is the moving to do with the recent natural disasters happening in the philipines? Please tell me to go away if you don't want me to know. Everyone would be better off with girl on girl rabu rabu, I honestly think that it would solve most country conflicts if theywere just a bit more open to same sex relationships, maybe they wouldn't all be such uptight fucks. You have my deepest sympathies, but you're a smart girl, I'm sure you'll pick up the ancient language of the dwarves in no time.

You may be right, but I have to say that I don't ever hope to find out. Unfortunately the BDs are selling well in Japan too, so we may even get a second season. I don't want to comprehend that. I dropped Copellion at ep 4, I couldn't handle any more disappointment last season, and that just seemed to go further and further downhill. Is it bad that I genuinely enjoyed Free? Rei was such a great character.

Jan 16, 2014
Taekwondoin says...

You've no idea how happy that makes me! I'm sure your parents will love it too.

Are you still in the hotel? My internet isn't as fast as it was in my old place, but it isn't that bad. It airs tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll be nosebleeding simultaneously in seperate parts of the continent.

You should take sides, and you should definitely take mine. I knew it was one or the other, cause we had a conversation about Hakama's, and those are the 2 most widespread arts that wear them. I loved doing Aikido, and if I had to give up Judo or Taekwondo, I'd certainly be at Aikido instead, something about breaking someones wrist as you throw them to the ground pleases me greatly. You didn't mention that actually, but I am glad to hear it none the less. Do you think you'll take up another art in Russia? They have a great Judo programme over there.

UK REPRESENT!! Yeah we're all pretty tall, I'm 6'1 and taller than most people. Russia is another level of height though, think the average male is 6'2, and the average female around 5'9? It's from a hardy diet of meatballs, potatoes and bitter sausages. But do you like it over there so far? I hear it can get quite... oppresive? I know the laws on same sex marriage and coupling is pretty harsh over there, maybe it's the lack of yuri that has them all looking miserable. Oh god, are you having to learn cyrillic? Cause that shit looks like gobbledygook. But.. I don't wanna talk pantsu with r-18 :'(

No idea, I heard the source material wasn't all that great either, which makes you wonder how shit the other entries into the competition were, of course I haven't read the source material so I can't really give an opinion on that. I gave it 0.5/5 in the end, as I say, I have never been that angry at an anime ever, except for seikon no qwasar, but that was for entirely different reasons. It was like they just expected the pretty animation to carry it through, and it just didn't at all. I would have preferred Free Season 2.

Jan 15, 2014