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Here it is. My profile in a somewhat condensed version!

I'll condense it more if I can.


For the people who're gonna write about my amazing life someday:

When I was born, my mother was relieved to hear me cry. Nowadays, however, my mom takes it as a sign that something's wrong when I do. Parents were so ecstatic when I learned how to read. Fast forward to the future though, and they won't even let me glance at erotic fanfiction. That pretty much sums up my entire existence.

Moving on.

I have many things I've picked up while living on this earth. One is that, as a female, I am expected to behave as a female should. Problem is, I don't really know how a female should act. The only knowledge I have on the subject is from Martha Stewart's cooking and home shows. And so, as a result, I'm a nuclear accident waiting to happen.

As for my sexuality, I get crushes on both guys and girls. Take from that what you can.

On the subject of Anime:

Most of what I watch are 1-2 cours. I watch 3-4 cours if they don't contain many fillers (rare find that one), and for 5+ cours I avoid like the plague. Unless, you know, it contains copious amounts of Yuri. Only then would I download every single 104+ episodes of it and store backups in my external hard drive. I mostly like anime that is under the categories seen in the "Favorite Genres" section somewhere right there ---->

As a teenaged girl, I always ship couples. Because that's the rule of the world. As for my shipping rule, it's pretty simple: Always the trap before the Tsundere.

I'm here to personally say NOT, under any circumstances, take my anime ratings seriously. I fangirl at every little Moe detail, which affects the score. Unless they're in review form because that's when I take the time to think about rating. KyoAni anime are exceptions though. Because those are awesome, even with pointless plot. See my anime rating thingy down below for a more detailed guide thing. I'm working on my ratings, making it more realistic and such.

Music :

Anything that isn't Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, or any other mainstream teeny American pop shit is good in my book. I'd also like metal if the vocalist would stop screaming every few seconds, making my ears bleed. Unfortunately, this seems to be a central part of metal which I cannot take control of.

For all you WOTA's out there, I like AKB only because of all the possible ships that I can get from them. Tsumugi would be proud.

Games :

Yes, I play eroges. No, it's not creepy. Yes, you should play one. Yes, the ero scenes are necessary. No, you don't have to masturbate on those scenes. People won't judge you.

Other than that, I don't play games too much. I'm already busy enough. You should totes check out Katawa Shoujo though.

Anime Rating thingy:

0.5/5 = Unless you're masochistic, would love to have your brain damaged, or simply like watching stupid, utter crap that should be flushed down toilets for being a disgrace to humanity and Japanese media in general, DO NOT WATCH THIS. I wouldn't watch this if I were drunk. And if I were drunk, that would be illegal, because I'm a minor. Anime rated like this is srs bsns. I do not joke when I rate something 0.5.

1-2.5/5 = If cringing at every second of an anime is your thing, by all means watch this kind of crap. This crap is good crap. Shows under this rating are good in a sense that they're shows that are the cleanest turds in heaping piles of shit. They're still shit, but they're nice shit that entertains you for a small while. Don't expect plots though, you'll just be dissapointed. Those are their weaknessssss.

^ No amount of moe can redeem anime with these ratings.

3-3.5 = Okay, this is where the moe influence comes in. If the plot is somewhat good, quite entertaining, and the characters are moe, I would rate it like this. Pacing issues might be seen, but overall, good for distraction during exams. Plot-wise... it should be good enough.

4-4.5 = These shows are good. Very good. But they are either missing something or I have a problem with the forced drama or the deus ex machina at the end. Expect anime that has Mari Okada's influence be rated like this. Plot-wise, they're really good, but something would always be missing. The story would be nice, but not groundbreaking. Or maybe filler eps. I hate filler eps. I despise filler eps.

5 = You should watch this. Seriously. It may be the large amount of moe or the plot that prompted me to rate it like this, but watch it. Watch it, dammit. You won't be dissapointed. I think. Everyone's mileage is varied.

^ K-On is an exception to all of the above. As a rule, K-On is awesome.

Pretty much it. Any other questions will be answered if asked.

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lolitaorcalover7 says...

hi want to be friends

Mar 10, 2015
Taekwondoin says...

League of Legends? It's like you want me to hate you or something!

Seriously though, that sounds like... fun? I'm not sure, not like I've been doing any better, watched and am still watching some pretty terrible shows. I could give you a list of stuff to avoid, but you should watch some yourself and suffer with me.

Still at school? Still getting dem A's?

Nov 10, 2014
Taekwondoin says...

More importantly, why have you been gone for a year ;_;

I'm pretty good I guess, good to see you back again! What have you been up to?

Nov 10, 2014
mrjames649 says...

Hey, very nice review on Shin Sekai Yori! I have just finished watching it and I must say, it was a very unique story and definitely something I'll remember for quite some time!

Nov 10, 2014
KevinZero says...

I love your Uchouten Kazoku-Gin no saji comparison~

Feb 7, 2014