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cupcakepie says...

yay, my computer works again ^_^ yes, I’ma Dane. So you are from Sweden? That’s cool. Sometime I go to Kullaberg with my"klättra klubb för att klättra"* I think the nature in Sweden isreally stunning. Sweden is so close to Denmark, but yet there is such adifferent. I’m about to go to bed, tomorrow I’ll go visit my brother a few daysand then a friend, so I don't think I will log on my computer again until nextweek. Good night and stay happy ^_^

*sorry for spelling it in Swedish, it's becausei simply don't know the English’s word or how to put it. I don't trust Googletranslate so much when it comes to this word. But if I translate it to Swedish,I have a better understanding what I am writing.

Jul 21, 2011