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Wow, its been a while since i've been here. Last time i talked about how i was a bum. im currently on my way to job corp to better my self and get skills to fit intoo the world, not really like any one reads this any ways. but hey why not post a little bit about my self incase some one does see it. So if there is anything you want to know about me if you did read this send me a message or leave a comment il try to get back to you but im usally watching anime so it might take a while

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GodzillaGus Nov 21, 2013

i read your profile. stick around because this website will be getting some upgrades soon. plus, there's sometimes interactive stuff like "secret santa"

Inkxy Nov 28, 2012


Inkxy Nov 28, 2012


Battery Jan 24, 2008



hey >:3 

bunnyfingers Jan 21, 2008

Hey!  Welcome to anime-planet!  You should fill out the rest of your profile like your top 5, makes it easier other ppl who come across your profile to make suggestions.  :P