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Love anime series and movies, dub mainly tho have just watched a few things in jap with subs which wasnt too bad but i prefer dubs so dont have to read subs lol.

Been into anime since I saw anime on channel 4 in the UK one night when i was about 5-7 ish.  Fell in love since and been trying to get as much anime as i could when i can.

My favs include but not limited to.

3x3 eyes

devil man ova

urotsukidoji (love the story and the anime drawing and dub) after the first ones i dont like the later ones after return of the overfiend...

Desert Punk.

My top anime genres are


Post Apocolyptic


Depressive (grave of fire flys type)

Space ones like banner of the stars.

Funny ones like irresponcible cpt tylor. :)

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sothis Oct 5, 2009

we share a hated genre XD

Maigraith Nov 19, 2008

Such a weird thing for the forums, I'm assuming you use the same name on the forums. Anywho about movies check out Karas (the prophecy and the revelation) it's really nice, though they don't have info for the revelation here yet.

Oh and welcome to A-P, hope you like it^_^

Bixie Nov 16, 2008

Your Welcome!  

SkeeterUK Nov 16, 2008

Thx for the welcome and the notice about mecha entry on fav and non fav lists. (fixed)

Bixie Nov 16, 2008

Edit: I guess I wasn't the first. lol