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MarissaChu avatar MarissaChu


Aug 11, 2009

Hey Sweeps!! Okay..I was looking for images from all of the animes that I've watched (or want to see) because whoever uses this computer after me keeps changing the desktop background and its starting to aggrivate me..but I couldn't remember the names of the shows so I tried coming to this website and guess what! The school computer let me go to this website! Isn't that awesome?! I know it is...you don't need to tell me that! aahh ha ha >.<  This is awesome..I'm not sure when we're suppose to be starting the test...oops...I think we can start it...yup we can...I'm doing mine right now..gahh!! this is easy...but weird because we're doing the second part of the test first...pretty weird huh? Yes it is! Hmm..I think I'm almost done..YAY! Too bad Youtube doesn't work on this stupid computer..I really wanna watch the Berryz..but I can't T-T Well...I'll see you later...write back before 10 if you can! Bye!! :]

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