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I'm a person interested in almost everything this life has to offer. Some of those things are art, music, good stories and oriental culture. The reason why I like anime is because it combines them. Simple as that.

In general, I'm more or less open to all genres. Of course, I tend to dislike some things; however, at the end of the day it is the execution of a specific show that matters most. Also, love hunting for old-school & obscure stuff, and my ratings are quite approximate (but I hope to sort them out someday).

Last but not the least, you're welcome to read my reviews. Hope they give you some food for thought and help set the right expectations about the shows.

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NorthPole Nov 4, 2014

You are INVITED! ^__^

Spread the word!

PinkyIvan May 23, 2014

Funny how I've never actually heard someone praise Akira for its characters, people I've talked to usually keep to the animation.

I personally did not like anything in the movie, even the animation was annoying since all the characters looked the same so it put me off.

CommanderKarasu Apr 16, 2014

Don't worry, you're not bothering me. I'm glad you cared enough to point out these issues. 

I brought the Short Peace movies up to discussion in the forum, so something should be done about it soon. The same goes for that xxxHolic Rei entry. As for the Spirit Warrior OVA, you are indeed correct. AIC did episodes 1 and 3, while Studio 88 did the 2nd episode. It's fixed now. I appreciate all the help. :) Thank you!

It's strange that you're having troubles registering on the forum though. Have you brought this up with the admin, sothis? This is probably something she would like to know about so it can be fixed. 

sothis Apr 11, 2014

Can you put a request in the anime additions/requests thread in the forum? I change things based on what's in there, in batches, when I have some spare minutes

PinkyIvan Jan 28, 2014

We did a detailed overview of Ergo Proxy if you are interested.