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I'm a person interested in almost everything this life has to offer. Some of those things are art, music, good stories and oriental culture. The reason why I like anime is because it combines them. Simple as that.

In general, I'm more or less open to all genres. The only two things that make the difference are the execution of a particular show and whether an anime is a silly cliche or an original work of art provoking thoughts & emotions. Also, love hunting for old-school & obscure stuff, and my ratings are quite approximate (but I hope to sort them out someday).

Last but not the least, you're welcome to read my reviews, and don't hesitate to comment.

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PinkyIvan avatar PinkyIvan


Nov 23, 2013

I hate how childish shoujo can be, how the characters stay extremely selfish and don't go past themselves even when their character dictates otherwise and the situations they find themselves in logically demand a change of behavour. 

I did hear good things about Utena, but other than being a shoujo what really put me off were the themes, sexual liberation and lesbians aren't my thing.

PinkyIvan avatar PinkyIvan


Nov 23, 2013

I have 3 more episodes of Texchnolyze left, I really loved the style and the atmosphere, noir really fits with anti-utopia where no sun shines. 

And I've heard a lot of recommendations on Utena but have never picked it up, I truly loathe shoujo, I couldn't enjoy Escaflowne due to that. Or is this just shoujo in style?

But yes, too bad we can't really expect a new Lain/Texchnolyze/Haibane any time soon due to the condition of the market. Makes me a sad panda. Although we did get Yamato 2199, it recently ended and I would recommend it it you want an honest and simple, but still well written and directed anime version of Star Treck.

PinkyIvan avatar PinkyIvan


Nov 22, 2013

Giving 1/5 after one episode is a bit extreme, isn't it? I mean as an introduction episode the first one was one of the more interesting ones out there.

Also I finished a rewatch of EP and I have to say that it is even better than the first time. Another thing, which other works did the director of EP work on?

PinkyIvan avatar PinkyIvan


Nov 22, 2013

True that, Tatami Galaxy is very easy to like. You do have a point, it is hard to understand. Wouldn't be as interesting if it were simpler :)  But honestly I haven't met a lot of people who liked GITS and NGE and disliked EP, they are usually liked by the same people.

PinkyIvan avatar PinkyIvan


Nov 22, 2013

I've read your EP review and it's much better than the one I did. Much more attention to details and more work and effort put into it. 

As far as criticism of EP goes I believe it's due to the fact that it doesn't have any 'fun' elements. It doesn't have tits and asses, it doesn't have big explosions, it isn't direct and requires much more attention than well every anime I've seen outside Lain and GITS (movie). It's just the nature of the medium, it isn't as serious as books and it tried to be like one. Of course I loved it because it took itself seriously and had a lot of dignity to itself, even great works such as NGE had to resort to sexualisation of characters.

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