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Iblard Jikan

Jun 29, 2012

Well, the OVA tells no actual story as it is plainly a sequence of impressive fantasy landscapes by Inoue Naohisa - the artist who created the dream world in Whisper of the Heart, one of the famous Ghibli movies. Now, while the idea of peeking into a different world sounds naturally intriguing, this anime is an example of a good idea overdoing itself, as it feels extremely lengthy, lasting at least three times longer than needed for something that's basically a slideshow of extremely similar pictures with no story going on. And just in case you think I've got a short attention span - no, I actually don't have any problem with that, considering some of my most favourite series are rather slow-paced works like Mushishi and Haibane Renmei. The problem is that a slow-paced show keeps being interesting if it gradually reveals something new, and not just exhibits random & almost identical pictures for 30 minutes.

While the presentation is flawed, the landscapes themselves are beautiful and incredibly detailed, looking like classic Impressionist paintings of an amazing fantasy world with flowery valleys and floating islands. The only serious shortcoming about them is similarity. If they were more diverse, it would be much more interesting to watch the OVA for its whole length, and I would probably call the art of this anime a masterpiece. However, due to their likeness I rate it "only" as excellent.

The sceneries are accompanied with some music that sounds like a repetitive MIDI track: the melody is ok but the quality of sound & reiteration get annoying after a while.

While the art is outstanding indeed, the presentation leaves quite a lot to be desired. So, let me give you some advice on how to enhance your viewing experience with this OVA:
1) mute the original sound and turn on some relaxing music you like;
2) don't anticipate any story - just lay back and watch the landscapes, as if you visit a picture gallery. Be prepared for a long and very unhurried ride.
I hope this helps you enjoy Iblard Jikan if you decide to give it a try.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
5/10 overall

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