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Jun 3, 2012

A short but unforgettable legend-like story with intriguing beginning, appropriate pacing and great closure. Despite some obvious logical contradictions and historical inaccuracies, the story still looks fresh and unique.

Very artistic, using mostly pale-white and black colors that give the anime a foggy and somewhat melancholic appearance. However, there are two things that feel absolutely out of place: the ridiculous look of English knights and that the Black Swordsman reads his book right to left, although the story takes place in Ireland. I know, those are minor flaws, but they are quite noticeable considering the short length of the OVA.
Besides, I have a mixed feeling about the way the Black Swordsman is drawn: he looks more like a poet rather than a medieval warrior. On the other hand, that undoubtedly makes him very elegant.

The soundtrack is only one song, but what a song - "Ave Maria"! Not only it adds a lot to the atmosphere, but you simply can't go wrong with music like that. Also, the voice-acting is superb.

Well, there are only two protagonists, and the short length doesn't leave any room for character development. However, you can't help but admire that VERY cute, brave little girl, and flegmatic yet deadly Black Swordsman.

Despite some imperfections in details, the OVA leaves a very good impression in general. In fact, it's one of the best shorts I've ever watched and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try.

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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saionjee Sep 23, 2012

True. I feel like watching more episodes of the said anime but sad to say it's a lonely movie work. One of the best short animes ever. It kinda leaves me hanging though...maybe the author/director wanted to live up some of our imaginations.

Bankai000 Jun 4, 2012

I agree with you, the story was legendary even though the anime was about 5 min long it was almost like a whole anime series. Great article keep it up bro.